What to Expect With Roof Installation

In time a roof that has begun to fail will only pose more of a risk to the rest of your home. A new roof installation should take place at the first sight of severe damage. You know a roof will breathe new life into your home as well as raise the value. And you know that you can count on it to keep your home secure for decades to come. The only thing you don’t know is what to expect when the crews arrive.

Before Install: Full Inspection

Your roof should go through a full inspection before any work is done or agreed on. One of our Pro experts will judge the state of your roof from the ground and take a closer look from the attic if they feel it is needed.

The goal of an inspection is to give a fair and accurate estimate of your roof’s needs. All costs and needs will be included in the estimate, from how many squares of shingles to the length of the eaves. This way the full cost of the job can be in the quote.

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5 Phases of Roof Installation

Phase 1: Material Delivery

Once you have picked Pro as your roofer, we will set a start date. We will choose where to bring the materials to your home as well. We will find a spot to place all the materials that will keep them away from your day to day life. It is a good idea to makes sure all plants, chairs or other items are moved away from this spot. This will give our team room to move around your home. Our team will bring their tools and gear with them each day.

Roofing material delivery

Phase 2: Removing The Old Roof

The removal phase is the phase with the most mess. Our crew will lay out tarps and boards to keep the exterior of your home free from harm. Our team will scrape off your roof down to the deck. There will be a lot of debris falling from the roof. The tarps will be there to catch it all. You will want to keep all windows and doors closed.

While taking off the old roof, our crew will work to clean up the trash. Clean up will continue as they move on to the install. We pledge to keep your property as clean as we found it.

Roof removal

Phase 3: Preparing The Deck For Install

The deck of your roof is made of plywood and covers your roof’s structural beams. While we try to find all pieces that need to be replaced in the inspection, there can be damage that can only be seen once the old roof has been removed. We will check the deck for any rot and replace the deck as needed.

With a strong deck, our team will install an ice & water shield as well as our Pro Synthetic Underlayment. During this process, we will also install any all ridge or box vents.

Preparing the roof deck

Phase 4: Install The Flashing

Our team will measure, cut, bend, and install the flashing that protects each edge and weak point of your roof. Roof penetrations and edges are the most vulnerable spots on a roof. Drip edges must go in before any shingles can be installed. Without the flashing in place, water can seep on to the deck during a storm.

Metal flashing

Phase 5: Shingle Application

Pro starts out the install on all roofs we build with starter shingles. These are placed along the roof’s low edges. These shingles give the roofers a straight line to work with as they nail down the rest of the materials. Our roofing experts will then being installing your strip, dimensional, or premium shingles. This phase of the install ends at the roof’s peak where we use thick cap shingles to form a bridge between the two sections.

Shingle installation

Do you offer roof installation near me

Pro Home Improvement is dedicated to providing our customers with the best in roof installation. We provide our roofing services all over Southeastern Michigan. We have helped homeowners from St Claire Shores to Ann Arbor. No matter where we install a roof we never charge more for distance. We offer free roofing estimates that include a full inspection of your roof. If you would like more information on our roofing services or to schedule a roof estimate, call us today at 888-776-1998.

What Our Roofing Customers Are Saying

  • This whole project went off without a hitch. Everyone I worked with was charming, knowledgeable and gracious. They optimized the vents, repaired water damage and replaced the roof all in one day. I am thrilled with their work and am keen to have them back to install insulation and new gutters. They Rule!

    — Suski E in Detroit, MI

  • Before we even decided for Pro, we were impressed with how complete and unhurried the presentation compared to the others. Their quote was detailed for each item and option. My roof had complications and weather did not cooperate. The Pro personnel both on the job and by calls from the company were diligent in keeping us informed about everything that was happening and about what to expect. Extra patching was needed, as I expected and could see. They were clever and careful about protecting landscaping. From what I could sense, the work group was proud of being very good at their work and wanted to be sure to do the job right. I have already recommended the company to friends who need roofing done.

    — Russell A in Oak Park, MI