7 Questions for your Insulation Contractor

Insulation Advice Average read time: 3 minutes
Questions to ask an insulation contractor

Hiring the best insulation installer can provide a huge relief to your budget, your comfort and your peace of mind. Why? Because insulation installation is complicated, but if done right, can provide you with years of increased energy efficiency, savings and better comfort in your home. Most contractors will say they install insulation, but it’s…

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Ready for Winter? Insulate Your Attic!

Insulation Materials Average read time: 2 minutes

Insulating is something that will pay for itself many times over through reduced energy bills and increased comfort in your home. Can you afford something that will be free? Now that you have adequately prepared your attic by sealing it tight, insulating can now begin. How should I insulate? If you have done the prep…

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Preparing to Insulate Your Attic

Insulation Advice Average read time: 3 minutes
Attic insulation

Rather than giving a specific “how-to”, we’ll just lay out the fundamentals. From there, you can apply these concepts in a manner that makes the most sense for your specific home.

The Pro Home Fall Guide to Gutters

Gutter Maintenance Average read time: 2 minutes
Fall guide to gutters

If you are not prepared for the fall season in Michigan, your gutters could be in trouble. Gutters are a necessary part of making sure your home’s foundation stays as dry and stable as possible. They aren’t just for keeping rain off of your head. But gutters installed without excellent gutter guards can be a…

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The True Cost of Cheap Roofing

Roofing Replacement Average read time: 3 minutes
shingles falling off roof

Competition is usually a good thing when it comes to getting services for your home as it forces companies to compete for your business, driving costs down. Unfortunately, it can also promote the “race to the bottom” where someone is always ready to accept a lower fee for a service. This causes many to only…

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Water Stains on the Ceiling

Roofing Replacement Average read time: 2 minutes
Water stains on ceiling

The sheer difficulty of locating water penetration points with 100% confidence is very high. This is the reason Pro Home Improvement recommends having a professional roofing contractor perform a full roof inspection to identify where the source of the problem might be.

5 Summer Gutter Tips

Gutter Maintenance Average read time: 3 minutes

Gutters provide protection to your home by taking rainwater away from your foundation, keeping your basement dry and your foundation solid. With all of these summer rains we’re experiencing, now is a great time to check-in on your gutters and make sure they have everything they need to provide a barrier-free path for the deluge…

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