Best of HomeAdvisor 2017

Pro Home News Average read time: 2 minutes

  At Pro Home Improvement, we’re consistently proud of the work we do. We strive to satisfy our customers, serve the community and protect the environment in everything we do. We consistently receive great feedback from our clients after completing projects and we appreciate all feedback that we receive. But it is always nice to…

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Low-Cost Lighting from Solar Tubes

Energy Saving Tips Average read time: 2 minutes

Adding inexpensive lighting to your home may sound like a job for LED bulbs or some other new technology, but it can be much simpler and lead to lower electric bills – skylights. And I’m not talking about the skylights that are basically windows in your roof, I am talking about solar tubes. What is…

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Roof Algae Removal

Roofing Maintenance Average read time: 2 minutes
Roof Algae

In southeast Michigan, blue-green algae can sometimes appear on the outside of your roof shingles. The best way to approach this is to use a highly basic chemical solution, such as zinc sulfate. When people see moss on their roof, they may not be aware that it will damage their roof and even will promote…

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5 Things to Consider When Buying Windows

Window Materials Average read time: 3 minutes
5 things to consider when buying windows

Since windows are a vulnerable spot in the envelope of your home, it should be no surprise that windows can affect how much you spend on your monthly energy bills. There are many features of a window that can determine just how much energy waste or savings they can provide. The most well-known approval rating…

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How Important Are Baffles in Your Attic?

Insulation Replacement Average read time: 2 minutes
The Importance of Baffles

Well-insulated attics need airflow, as much as that might sound counterintuitive. Airflow for your attic comes from outside your home and pushed up underneath the roof and out of a vent. The baffle provides a space for that air to flow without being blocked by insulation. How common is this? It is one of the…

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Can New Siding Help with Energy Costs?

Energy Saving Tips, Siding Advice Average read time: 2 minutes
can new siding help with energy costs?

Installing new siding is a great aesthetic choice for your home, improving resale value and curb appeal. But, can it also affect how much energy your home uses in a significant way? New siding doesn’t necessarily pay for itself in terms of reduced energy costs, but it can make a dent. Also, when a homeowner…

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Facelift for Your Home

Siding Maintenance Average read time: 2 minutes
facelift for your home

Siding is amazing. Nothing else on your home has as much impact on your home’s appearance while simultaneously causing the least amount of maintenance, especially if you have vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is the exterior cladding that needs the least resources and time to maintain – which is good news for you. Compare vinyl siding…

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Why insulation still matters as it gets warmer

Insulation Advice Average read time: 2 minutes
why insulation matters when it is warm

Many people think about insulation as something that is associated with cold weather, reducing drafts and keeping your house warmer during the brutal Michigan winters. But, insulation plays a big role in protecting your home and improving your comfort in the warmer seasons as well – insulation is not just for the winter! In fact,…

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Signs You Need New Windows

Window Replacement Average read time: 2 minutes
condensation on inside of window

Recent warm weather caused many of us to open our windows and breathe in the fresh air, only making our cabin fever worse once the cold weather returned. We need spring! This warm and cold oscillation happens when the seasons are about to change and we’re about to get some spring weather very soon. There…

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How Windows Make Your Home Secure

Window Replacement Average read time: 2 minutes
Window security

Did you know that there are over 2,000,000 reported burglaries each year? In the U.S., a home is burglarized every 13 seconds! The highest volume of burglaries occur in the summer months and only 30% of the time access is gained through an unlocked window or door. That means that 70% of the time, the…

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