Trust the pros with your insulation project

At Pro Home Improvement, our insulation experts understand every aspect of how to get the best results out of our materials. This expertise means that we can choose the right insulation materials to suit your home's needs.

Properly installed insulation provides a protective barrier that helps to maintain the inner temperature of your home helping to reduce utility bills. Hiring a professional insulation contractor, like Pro Home Improvement provides a peace of mind knowing that your project is in capable hands. Our insulation experts know the best materials to use and have dealt with a vast array of installation scenarios.

Although an insulation project seems pretty straightforward, you should be careful when looking to cut costs by hiring the lowest bidding contractor. The best way to avoid costly pitfalls is to hire insulation installers with experience and references. Since every insulation product comes with unique installation requirements, dealing with an experienced contractor can save you a lot of hassle and wasted money.

Someone who has years of experience in insulation services, working with the various types materials can safeguard you from common installation mistakes. Inexperienced contractors can cause electrical faults, leave gaps in insulation (resulting in drafts), fail to install enough insulation, or even use materials not suited for your area’s climate.

Further information on our insulation services and pricing is available by contacting us directly at 888-PRO-1998 (888-776-1998).

Why choose the insulation contractors at Pro?

Our experience helps to avoid frequent setbacks

One of the hardest things to correct with insulation are errors that result from poor installation methods. The best way to prevent these mistakes is to hire professional contractors with the right insurance, references, and licensing. Pro Home Improvement knows how to do the job right in the first place. Take some time to review your options and ensure that they have the right qualifications and certifications.

We will consider every aspect of your home

Professional contractors should consider a broad range of issues that include electrical installations, heating and A/C systems, and your home’s ventilation.

For example, these professionals understand that vapor barriers are instrumental in any insulation project. In the quest to deliver the peak product performance, it is critical to carry out some tests and replace the faulty equipment before you start your installation project.

Avoiding Dangerous Insulation Mistakes

General contractors may be unaware of potentially lethal chemicals that are present in some insulation materials. Mishandling these materials can put your family in danger. Hiring an insulation expert will protect your home from potentially life-threatening hazards.

A skilled contractor will not only select the right products for the project, but they will also install them in a professional manner. At Pro, we believe completing a job correctly with approved methods and tools is more cost-effective than having to deal with the risks that come with poor installation practices.

Do your home insulation contractors offer services near me?

Pro Home Improvement’s offices are near Detroit, MI and we regularly provide insulation services to residents all over Metro Detroit. From Ann Arbor all the way up to Flint, we have proven ourselves as the best local insulation contractors.

Contact us today to learn more about what our insulation experts can do for your home or request an estimate now.

The importance of R-value and your climate

The R-Value of an insulation material represents how much heat can travel through each inch of applied insulation. The higher the R-value, the more energy efficient the insulation is. Air leakages, defective window installations, and worn-out wall cavities can compromise the insulation significantly. Once a contractor does an inspection, they can determine the proper thickness of insulation material to use based on the R-value.

Pro Grade Insulation Services

Stabilized Cellulose

Our Pro Grade Cellulose insulation is a form of blown-in insulation that provides environmentally-conscious consumers with a “greener” option for their home when compared to fiberglass. We manufacture this material from 100% recycled fibers which means that unlike traditional fiberglass insulation, our insulation reduces your carbon footprint! Our Pro Grade Cellulose Insulation features a fire safety rating 15 times higher than the national standard. Since this insulation is stabilized, it is resistant to settling and will retain its R-value for years to come.

Injection Foam Insulation

This type of insulation involves injecting expanding foam into empty cavities in order to give your home a lasting solution to air and energy losses. Foam insulation should be free of toxic chemicals and eco-friendly, which is what you get with our injection foam insulation. Homeowners love this material since it is soluble and green. While the foam expands after installation, it will not create cracks in your home’s drywall. Rather, it spreads towards openings and fissures that already exist and fills them up completely. Our insulation contractors have the proper equipment to install the materials. Because of this, you can expect the best outcome in your project without spending a fortune.

Spray Foam Insulation

Our open-cell and closed-cell spray foam insulants provide the ideal remedy if you are looking to keep the temperatures of your home within the desired comfort zone. With the rising costs of energy, keeping the home within these limits has become extremely expensive, especially during the summer and winter months. The blistering heat of the summer and the extremely harsh winter conditions have prompted the Michigan residents to find an alternative solution in spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation is a cost-effective way to provide a lasting solution to your home, especially if you work with siding experts at Pro Home Improvement.

What Our Insulation Customers Are Saying

  • Project: Install or Replace Insulation
    The three-man team was very courteous and answered all our questions. The job was completed under two hours as promised. They cleaned up and vacuumed after they were done. Very professional. Will hire them around for future house projects. — David W. in Rochester Hills, MI — 04/28/2018
  • Project: Install or Update Insulation

    Thanks to everyone on the staff for their professionalism and I already see a difference in my furnace not running so often!! Everything from the estimate, scheduling to get the job done and then the installation of insulation was handled professionally. Thanks again to everyone!

    — Roberta H. in Warren, MI — 02/16/2018