Trust the Pros with your roofing project

Pro Home Improvement has been recognized by our roofing manufacturer as a “SELECT Shinglemaster” contractor. This is CertainTeed’s highest honor roofing contractors can receive. “SELECT Shinglemaster” titleholders have been screened extensively beforehand by CertainTeed to guarantee expert knowledge and superior workmanship for all shingle installation services.

Securing a sturdy roof is a vital step to effectively protecting your home against the elements. After all, once a leak starts, the damages can compromise the infrastructure of your entire house. Homeowners must be proactive when it comes to roof maintenance, using routine inspections to avoid large-scale damage. Since roofs do not age evenly, a mildly damaged roof might appear to be safe, but this situation could quickly change overnight. Asphalt roofing ages more slowly than other types, so this material is the best choice for quality and safe roofing installation.

Pro Home Improvement exclusively uses CertainTeed asphalt shingles for all roofing projects. With over a century of superior workmanship and commitment to customer satisfaction, CertainTeed is a top leader in the roofing industry.

At Pro Home Improvement, you can also be assured of a 25-year guarantee that covers all aspects of the roofing installation service. Unlike traditional roof warranties that only cover specific products or services – or split warranties that allow the manufacturer and the installer to blame each other for any issues that arise with your roof – our company guarantees 25 years of protection which includes coverage for both materials and installation. When you choose Pro Home Improvement as your roofing contractor, you are guaranteed the very best protection.

Further information on our roofing services and pricing is available by contacting us directly at 888-PRO-1998 (888-776-1998) or schedule a free no-pressure estimate.

What Are My Options For Roof Replacement?

Asphalt roofing system

Asphalt Roofing

If you are only familiar with the commonly used strip shingles you will be amazed at what dimensional and premium asphalt shingles offer in style, like realistic looking slate and shake. Finding the right colors to suit your home’s theme is easy with our wide selection of colors available. This is why our Pro Grade asphalt roofing system will add the perfect architectural touch to your home’s exterior.

Low Slope Roofing

When a roof’s pitch is not steep enough to ensure proper water shedding a different installation method and materials are required to ensure your home stays protected from severe weather. There are many color options available with our low slope and flat roofing systems so that we can match the style and tone of your home and the rest of your roof.

Low slope and flat roofing system
Metal roofing system

Metal Roofing

If a traditional asphalt roofing system is not your thing we also offer beautiful and durable metal roof systems. These come in three main styles with lots of colors to choose from. Fabricated to the exact dimensions of your home, metal roofs install seamlessly and last for decades.

Low Maintenance Exterior Built to Last

Pro Grade roofing systems are durable products that require no upkeep or maintenance when installed by Pro, it is guaranteed to last. Not only do we stand by our work we also offer free yearly inspections (by request) to ensure that your roof stays Pro Grade!

Why Pro for my Michigan roofing project?

Pro is a roofing installation contractor with more than 12 years of experience with installing beautiful and affordable roofing on homes all over Michigan. At Pro Home Improvement, our top mission is to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We recognize that a solid, expertly installed roof is pivotal for defending your home against the damaging effects of the elements – so cutting corners is not an option.

As a confirmed “Master Shingle Applicator” through CertainTeed, Pro Home Improvement assures customers unsurpassed skill, productivity, and performance on every roofing project we begin.

CertainTeed Materials, Guaranteed to Last

The manufacture of top-grade materials is guaranteed by the CertainTeed company, and Pro Home Improvement proudly employs CertainTeed’s product line for the installation of all roofing orders.

Early last year, Pro Home Improvement was appointed to the CertainTeed Roofer’s Advisory Council. This is a select, invitation-only group of the very best companies in the roofing business. Being a part of this group is not only an honor – more importantly, for our customers, it also enables Pro Home Improvement to learn and improve by staying at the forefront of industry developments.

Are your roofing contractors near me?

At Pro, we are happy to help homeowners from all over Southeast Michigan with their home improvement projects. We are based in Ferndale, but we regularly complete roofing projects in places like Detroit, Ann Arbor, West Bloomfield, Metamora, and even Flint!

Further information on roofing styles and pricing is available by contacting us directly at 888-PRO-1998 (888-776-1998). You can also schedule a Free No-Pressure Estimate today!

What Our Roofing Customers Are Saying

  • Project: Install or Replace Asphalt Shingle Roof
    Manuel Perez came by to measure the roof and provided a quote to have a complete roof replacement. We are just waiting on the insurance adjustor to provide an inspection and whether insurance will cover all or part of the replacement. Mr. Perez was EXTREMELY knowledgeable and competent. Very good presentation!!! — Gilbert H. in Monroe, MI — 05/18/2018
  • Project: Install or Replace Asphalt Shingle Roof
    I had a new window installed in my master bedroom and after it was installed it was still leaking (confirmed it was from the roof) I honestly thought it was the window. I was at my wits-end I had a new roof installed less than 10 years ago and it had done nothing but leak and cause damage to a new finished master bedroom. I went multiple rounds with that company and had no resolution. I felt defeated. That's when Gary called and made a suggestion to come out and take a look at everything for me. Gary is one of the most kindest, polite men I have ever met. Not only did he calm me down from the verge of tears because no matter what I did I could not get a resolution from the previous company. He went above and beyond to make a plan with me. He took the time to talk to me in length and on several occasions to come up with a solution to correct this other companies work. As it turned out it was not only was it my roof that needed to be fixed but there was some siding corrections that needed to happen as well. The crews that came to my home were professional, kind and thorough. Gary even came on installation day to ensure that everything was going as planned. Not to my surprise they ran into a few issues but they quickly evaluated and resolved them and kept me in the loop as to what was happening and what they found. I am so happy it is not everyday that a companies VP will come to do these things for a customer. The new roof was done on April 30th and there has been a few storms since and not one drop of water has come through the roof or window. This is only phase one of things that need to happen at my home. I have two more exterior phases that I will contacting your company for. I cannot thank everyone enough for all they have done. I recommend Pro Home to anyone and everyone. — Gloria N. in Melvindale, MI — 05/10/2018