A roof provides crucial protection for your entire home, so it is vital to ensure that roofing contractor you choose is committed to quality. The manufacture of top-grade materials is guaranteed by the CertainTeed company, and Pro Home Improvement proudly employs CertainTeed’s product line for the installation of all roofing orders. As a confirmed “Master Shingle Applicator” through CertainTeed, Pro Home Improvement assures customers of unsurpassed skill, productivity and performance for all roofing needs.

Pro Home Improvement also holds CertainTeed’s prestigious title of “SELECT Shinglemaster”. This is CertainTeed’s highest honor and guarantees expert knowledge and superior workmanship for all shingle installation services. Roofing contractors that receive recognition as “SELECT Shinglemaster” titleholders are screened extensively beforehand by CertainTeed to ensure outstanding competence and dexterity; and to confirm that all legal documentation, such as proof of workers’ compensation and liability insurance, has been adequately provided. On top of these qualifications, our service also offers customers an exclusive SureStart PLUS™ extended warranty coverage for all new installations of an innovative Integrity Roof System.

What’s more, you can be reassured that the quality of our work and our expertise in working with CertainTeed products have been recognized by other professionals in the construction industry. Earlier this year, Pro Home Improvement was appointed to the CertainTeed Roofer’s Advisory Council. This is a select, invitation-only group of the very best companies in the roofing business. Being a part of this group is not only an honor - more importantly for our customers, it also enables Pro Home Improvement to learn and improve by staying at the forefront of industry developments. It also provides opportunities to interact directly with CertainTeed to provide feedback on their products and request any support we need.

Pro Home Improvement was also asked to attend the Contractor’s Edge forum meetings between industry leaders and CertainTeed. We’re proud of this particular recognition that we have fulfilled the continuing education program of CertainTeed as we strive for constant improvement of our skills and professionalism.

At Pro Home Improvement, our top mission is to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We recognize that a solid, expertly installed roof is pivotal for defending your home against the damaging effects of the elements - so cutting corners is not an option.

House with premium shingles

Asphalt Roofing Contractor

Securing a sturdy roof is a vital step to effectively protecting your home against the elements. After all, once a leak starts, the damages can compromise the infrastructure of your entire house. Homeowners must be proactive when it comes roof maintenance, using routine inspections to avoid large-scale damage. Since roofs do not age evenly, a mildly damaged roof might appear to be safe, but this situation could quickly change overnight. Asphalt roofing ages more slowly than other types, so this material is the best choice for quality and safe roofing installation.

Pro Home Improvement exclusively uses CertainTeed asphalt shingles for all roofing projects. With over a century of superior workmanship and commitment to customer satisfaction, CertainTeed is a top leader in the roofing industry.

At Pro Home Improvement, you can also be assured of a 25 year guarantee that covers all aspects of the roofing installation service. Unlike traditional roof warranties that only cover specific products or services - or split warranties that allow the manufacturer and the installer to blame each other for any issues that arise with your roof - our company guarantees 25 years of protection which includes coverage for both materials and installation. When you choose Pro Home Improvement as your roofing contractor, you are guaranteed the very best protection.


It’s almost impossible to talk about roofing materials without talking about CertainTeed. CertainTeed was founded in 1904 as General Roofing Manufacturing Company, and after well over a century of helping to shape the North American construction industry it is now a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain, one of the world’s foremost building products companies. With over 5700 employees in more than 60 locations across North America, today CertainTeed is well-established as a responsible, forward-thinking manufacturer of sustainable and innovative interior and exterior building materials. Their products include roofing, decking, insulation, ceilings, siding, fence, decking railing, trim and gypsum.


There are 3 basic categories of asphalt roofing shingles:

Strip shingles

Strip shingles are the original and simplest roofing shingle. These shingles are a lightweight product that is placed on the roof in a single layer, usually designed to look like slate. While this variety of shingle was very popular in the past, advances in technology (and better-informed, more discerning consumers) mean there are now many more options available for householders. Today strip shingles are primarily manufactured to use as replacements, or for low-cost housing.

Strip shingle
CT20 shingles by CertainTeed

CertainTeed manufactures three kinds of strip shingles:

  1. The CT20 is a resilient shingle ideal for low budgets. This shingle is quick and easy to install, which cuts down on installation cuts and the amount of disruption at your home.
  2. The XT25 is exceptionally strong, with a tough fiberglass base to provide long-lasting protection whatever the weather.
  3. The XT30 is a step up: this is the heaviest fiberglass three tab shingle in its class, providing even greater durability and unrivaled protection against tearing. It also comes in a wide range of beautiful colors, so you’re sure to find the shade you need to complement the rest of your building.

Dimensional shingles

These are also referred to as ‘laminated’ or ‘architectural’ shingles. Now the most popular variety in North America, these shingles are so called because they are made of two or more laminated layers, and so have a thicker appearance on a roof than the flat look of strip shingles. Dimensional shingles also tend to be heavier than strip shingles.

Dimensional Shingle
Landmark shingles by CertainTeed

CertainTeed offers the Landmark and Landmark Pro series of dimensional products: a range of multilayered shingles manufactured using CertainTeed’s tri-laminate technology for an extra-textured appearance. The Landmark Series comprises an enormous range of colors and styles, so you’re sure to find the exact product you need to make your home the envy of your neighborhood.

Premium shingles

These products are laminated like dimensional shingles. However, in addition they offer special features. This sometimes consists of extra impact protection or solar reflection, but more usually means a look that mimics traditional roofing materials.

Premium Shingles from Pro Home Improvement
Grand Manor shingles by CertainTeed

CertainTeed’s premium shingles include:

  1. Grand Manor slate-look shingles. These skilfully produced shingles include tabs with shadow lines that are placed at random on the roof, giving the impression of the depth and dimension of authentic natural slate.
  2. Presidential Shake wood-effect shingles. The original luxury shingle, these durable fiberglass shingles effectively replicate the look of cedar wood shakes thanks to the detailed sculpting that goes into their design and manufacture. Choose these shingles for a classy, traditional look for your roof.


Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material in the US and this is due in part to their ease of maintenance. In fact, asphalt roofs typically require minimal attention.

However, basic regular DIY upkeep is as important for your roof as it is for your yard or any other area of your home. At least three times a year you should clear leaves and other debris from your roof, check it for the moss and algae that can lead to deterioration of asphalt shingles, and also check the integrity of flashing placed around weak spots and angles of the roof to protect against water damage.

If you start to notice moss or algae, leaking flashing, missing shingles or any other significant problems for your roof during these routine inspections, it may be time to call in professional roofers to carry out proper maintenance. You can be reassured that this work should not involve excessive cost or disruption, particularly if you have a guarantee that covers materials and installation. Quality builders are confident and experienced in working with asphalt - after all, it has been used as a roofing material for over a hundred years - which ensures maintenance work can be carried out quickly and with care.


Although it is possible to place a new layer of shingles over an existing layer, roofing professionals will usually prefer to strip away the old layer first, to avoid putting too much weight on your roof and to ensure that any structural damage - such as wood rot - is addressed quickly before the damage worsens and the roof becomes dangerously weak. If your old roof was made up of asphalt shingles this removal of the old material will be easily done, as the shingles can be torn away in strips and placed in trash bags.

After the old shingle and tar paper is stripped away and any needed maintenance on the wood have been carried out, the new tar paper will be laid out. The roofer will mark out horizontal lines to show where the new shingles need to be placed.

Next, ‘flashing’ will be placed on vulnerable areas of the roof - such as around chimneys - to provide extra protection from water damage. Finally, the shingles themselves will be put in place, layered with the flashing where necessary. Installing a full roof of asphalt shingles will take most experienced roofers less than one day.

What our roofing customers are saying

  • Project: Install or Replace Asphalt Shingle Roof

    The guys who roofed our home were very professional and courteous. They did an excellent job shingling our entire roof and cleaning up the debris before they left the job. They did everything efficiently and on time. As a homeowner it was gratifying to see the men took pride in their work. I was very happy with the result. Well done, Thanks to you all.

    — Arthur K. in Chesterfield Township, MI — 08/04/2017

  • Project: Install or Replace Asphalt Shingle Roof

    Work was done in a timely manner and efficiently. I do not know much about roofing but looking at the roof I know that the work is well done, the shingles are placed properly, the color looks good. The workers cleaned up the place after the completion of the work. I am glad that it is all done and we don't have to worry about the roof for the next several years. Job well done!!!.

    — Jane N. in Ypsilanti, MI — 01/16/2017

  • Project: Install or Replace an Asphalt Shingle Roof

    Thank you for the quick removal and installation of our new roof. The workers left the area tidy and clean. The job was started early and finished by the time I got home from work. Kudos to Tim T. who spent time with me to explain how the roof should be correctly vented, as a system, as well as explaining the math behind it. I’m glad that we chose to go with Pro and spend the extra money on eve and ridge vents, instead of the old style vent cans. It seems much more efficient and looks better.

    — Robert C. in Grosse Pointe Woods, MI — 02/09/2016