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Choose Your Asphalt Shingle

The three categories of shingles

Pro Home Improvement is proud to be partnered with the best asphalt shingle manufacturer in the marketplace, CertainTeed. CertainTeed is respected and known for their high-quality durability. Partnering with CertainTeed gives us access to the most technologically advanced roofing materials available.

They have three major categories of asphalt shingle, Strip, Dimensional, and Premium. Before you replace your roof, you should be aware of your options. Below we briefly discuss each of these categories to help you make the correct decision for your home and your family

Strip Shingles

What is the strip shingle?

String shingles are the most basic of all roofing shingles available today. Strip shingles are single-layer and are meant to look like slate. They are flat in appearance and also are the lightest weight shingles available.

How popular are strip shingles?

Strip shingles used to be the most predominant choice of asphalt shingle, but today, with increasing customer demand for sophisticated aesthetics, other types of asphalt shingles are more popular and more widely used.

Who uses strip shingles?

They are used by builders for economy priced houses or used when strip shingles are already in place on a home. They have a great look, but are not used as widely as they used to be due to changing customer tastes. They are high quality, durable and a great overall product. The CertainTeed line are listed under the product names CT 20, XT 25 and XT 30.

House with strip shingles
Strip shingles are generally used on economy housing or to repair roofs that already use strip shingles.

Dimensional Shingles

What is a dimensional shingle?

Dimensional Shingles (or Architectural Laminated Shingles) are the most popular roofing shingles installed in North America. They are made as dual- or tri-layered and provide a richer, thicker look for a roof.

Why are they called ‘dimensional’?

The thicker construction gives a dimensional, or more textural look than the flatter strip shingle.

Why are dimensional shingles preferred?

From surveys of customers, it gives the appearance of higher craftsmanship, a more expensive product and a higher-end home. Dimensional shingles also are heavier and can carry improved warranty protection, which range from 30 years to lifetime.

What product lines does CertainTeed carry that are dimensional shingles?

CertainTeed has a product line called the Landmark series. They are the roofing shingle flagship design for a dimensional roofing shingle and Pro Home Improvement can help you select yours.

House with dimensional shingles
Dimensional shingles are use higher quality material from strip shingles and come with longer warranty protection.

Premium Shingles

What is a premium shingle?

Premium Shingles are laminated shingles which have a different appearance from the traditional Dimensional Roofing Shingles.

How are premium shingles different?

They have an “old-world” feel, mimicking the design of natural shake or natural slate roofing shingles.

What CertainTeed product would be considered Premium?

CertainTeed’s Grand Manor and Presidential Shake shingles are great examples of a Premium roofing shingle. They provide a highly aesthetic appeal that is still affordable and durable when compared to the materials they are designed after.

Any other benefits of the Premium shingle?

Premium Roofing Shingles also have many important functional improvements like great solar reflectivity and impact resistance. These can reduce your long-term energy costs and help mitigate any hail or debris damage, should you be in an area prone to that.

House with premium shingles
Premium shingles are made of the highest quality materials and are fashioned to imitate natural shake or slate roofs.

Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material in the world for good reason – the affordability, aesthetics, durability and ease of maintenance have stood the test of time. Pro Home Improvement is proud to be partnered with the industry leading manufacturer of asphalt shingles.

But which type of shingle should I pick?

Overall, no matter what shingle you choose, you can rest assured you will have the best installers, the best materials and the best customer protection available in the marketplace. If you need help choosing a new asphalt shingle, be sure to give us a call at 888 776-1998 or take a quick visit to our estimates page to get an appointment scheduled.