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2024 Home Improvement Forecast: What’s In and What’s Out

exterior view of home shows home improvement trends 2024

When updating your home, it’s wise to focus on home renovation projects that never go out of style. So, with that in mind, here are some home improvement trends 2024 and beyond. If you are looking for the latest trends in kitchen cabinets or need help selecting bathroom vanities, you are reading the wrong article. Instead, this article will focus on evergreen home renovations you won’t regret in a few years.

Home Improvement Trends 2024

We know that HGTV hosts are buzzing about accessory dwelling units and tiny guest houses. But, if you have money to invest in a renovation project, complete one that will actually make your home more attractive to buyers. We’ll walk through some smart home trends for 2024. 

Eco-friendly upgrades

Eco-friendly upgrades aren’t only good for the environment, but they are also good for your budget. More homeowners are focusing their remodeling efforts on their home’s exterior systems because they significantly impact a home’s energy efficiency.

New siding, windows, and insulation can reduce your home’s heating and cooling bills. And your HVAC system will last longer when it’s not so overworked.


We know that bathroom remodels are a lot more fun to think about than a new roof. However, a new roof and gutters are crucial for protecting the structure of your house – and its contents. It can also be attractive to buyers not wanting to put in a new roof themselves right after purchasing the home. 


If the exterior of your current home has been ignored for the past few years, new siding may be in the forecast. New siding can improve energy efficiency while also updating your home design. 

Selecting new siding can be intimidating for many homeowners, so most exterior remodeling companies employ a design expert to help homeowners choose aesthetically pleasing materials. You can also drive around new neighborhoods and look for appealing, trendy color palettes. You’ll likely see a lot of cool grays and creamy off-whites with a few warm neutrals. 

A replacement roof is essential for home renovations

Outdoor spaces

Homeowners yearning for more space are moving the party outside. Homeowners continue to have an increased interest in outdoor entertaining, even in areas known for weather extremes. More people are creating outdoor kitchens and dining areas, utilizing patio heaters to add warmth on cooler occasions. 


Big windows are in! They make a beautiful focal point in interior design, and natural light is good for one’s mental health. In addition, large windows create a more welcoming environment for plants, which are all the rage right now. Installing new windows is certainly not a DIY project. Be choosy when selecting a window contractor and brand. 

Home offices

As more people work from home, it makes sense that there’s an increased need for home offices. While some families have the luxury of assigning an extra bedroom for this purpose, others must reevaluate their shared living spaces to find more room for a private office with a door. 

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Key Takeaways: Home Renovations That Never Go Out of Style

  • Environmentally-focused upgrades improve the comfort and energy efficiency of a home.
  • Replacement roofs are crucial for protecting your home’s structure.
  • Choose siding in an exciting new color palette to improve your home’s curb appeal.
  • Big windows will make a big difference in the look and feel of your home.