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Vinyl Siding updates improve your home investment

Home with new vinyl siding

If you are like me, you dread the thought of getting out a ladder to clean, caulk and paint your siding. That’s why, we at Pro Home Improvement, advocate for vinyl siding and aluminum trim. When you upgrade, you essentially make these portions of your house maintenance free. You eliminate the need for painting, caulking, and patching, among many other benefits of updating your siding.

How long will my new vinyl siding last?

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) conducted surveys that predict that vinyl siding, when installed correctly, can last for 60-100 years. What other home product can you think of will last that long? That’s a great investment that you can count on for years to come.

What about efficiency?

When replacing siding, Pro Home Improvement recommends adding insulation behind it before replacing the siding. This adds to the R-value of your walls, keeping you warmer, your home quieter and more comfortable. Pro also adds house wrap as a final layer of protection to ensure your home is wrapped up tight and no air can get through. This means your utility bills will be lower, more money in your pocket!

What about resale value?

I’m glad you asked. Vinyl siding can change and improve the curb appeal like nothing else on your home. There are tons of choices of colors and textures. We can use designer shake siding for that expensive look, without the stress of maintaining cedar shake siding. With all of the options, there is something guaranteed to make your house pop and jump out at any prospective buyer.

According to “Remodeling Magazine’s” 2014 Cost vs. Value Report, a midsize vinyl siding project will increase the value of your home by 78% of the total project cost. This is a fantastic return-on-investment. This can be even higher, depending on what you select for colors and your neighborhood and local housing market. Either way, it makes financial sense to update your siding.

So, less maintenance, more efficient and a great ROI? Is that all?

That’s about it – you’ve got it. There is no reason to NOT update your siding and get a great new look for your house. The only other benefit is you’ll love coming home to your freshly updated house because of how great it looks. Also, your neighbors might get a bit jealous.

If you have any questions about a siding project or anything home improvement related, give Pro Home Improvement a call at 888-776-1998 today or request an appointment and spruce up your exterior for spring!