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Great Tips & Questions for Hiring a Siding Contractor

House with new siding

Siding plays a big role in the aesthetic and energy performance of your home. Nothing else, with the exception of your roof, plays such a dual role of functionality and curb appeal. Given this impact on the investment that is your home, you should take great care in the materials and company you choose to replace your siding. But how do you know who to hire or what materials to select?

We have assembled some questions to ask when selecting someone to replace your siding. Answers to these basic questions will give you a sense of whether or not you should work with them.

Questions about the Company

How long have you been a siding professional?

Here, you are looking for someone who has been in business for awhile. You do not want a company that just opened up shop this year and could be gone tomorrow. This is especially important for potential future warranty claims.

Were you formally trained or how did you acquire your experience?

Knowing how they were trained can help you rest assured that they understand the installation procedures as required for the products they are installing.

Do you belong to any professional associations?

This question may lead you to become a bit more comfortable with their skills or length of service, although, sometimes belonging to an organization can just mean someone pays an annual fee to remain included. Be sure to follow up this question with any other membership requirements needed for those organizations.

Are you licensed and registered with the state?

This is a big one. Make sure you can find their listing with the state which you can find with a google search. Search for “business registration + your state” and start there. If you can’t see that they are registered, they may not be a legitimate business. See Pro Home Improvement’s builder’s license posted here.

Are you insured?

This is another big one. Any injuries a non-insured company incurs while on your property become your problem. You do not want this. This can be a big expense. If you are curious, Pro Home Improvement lists each client as a beneficiary for the term of the project and they even have their insurance information posted here.

Do you have any references I may contact?

Every company you hire should be overflowing with positive feedback. Ask for a list of previous projects similar to yours that are okay with you contacting them. Any company that does not freely offer this is hiding something.

Questions about Your Siding Professional’s Past Work

Do you give written warranties?

Having a written warranty can let you know what to expect in case of questions about your siding project. Everything should be spelled out so there is no misunderstanding later, long after the project is completed.

Will this project require a permit?

Many home improvement projects will require you inform the local municipality of the work. This protects you and future owners of your home so that proper records are kept about what work was done and by whom. Your contractor should know immediately whether or not a permit will be required and then help guide you through that process. If they want to avoid permits but it seems like you need one, they may be trying to stay off the radar, which is a warning sign for you.

Can you estimate how long this will take?

Any company with their act together will have jobs lined up before you and after you, so to stay profitable, they will want to know when their crew can move on to the next job. Also, you, the owner, will want to know this as well, because working on your house can be a disruption to your normal home routine. Make sure to ask for an estimate as to how long the work will take and what might make it take longer or be shorter (i.e. rain, rotted boards, etc).

Will you provide options for different materials?

Companies should have options for different materials and colors ready for you to choose from. Only having one option available might mean they are trying to get rid of a certain product they can find cheaply or other tricks. A variety of options also helps the owner understand the varying qualities, prices and make a choice on the color.

Knowing who you are hiring is 90% of the battle when it comes to making a choice on a contractor for your home. Hopefully, this quick checklist can help you understand all that is involved in making a good selection of a siding contractor. If you’d like some Professional options for your siding project, call Pro Home Improvement at 888-776-1998 to schedule a consultation and we’ll get you set up.