Replacement windows can do a lot to give new life to your home. When properly installed windows can help seal drafty rooms, cut energy costs, as well as enhance security and curb appeal. That is why it is important to choose a window installation service that not only offers the best products but also knows the proper way to install them.

Pro Home Improvement is proud to install windows that bring our customers the best value and materials the industry has to offer. When you purchase Pro Grade or Pro Premium Windows, you get a premium product. You can make this investment in your home knowing that the team performing your installation have been trained by the manufacturer in the proper techniques to ensure long-lasting quality.

At Pro Home Improvement, our top mission is to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We understand the importance and the investment of getting new windows in your home, so we refuse to cut corners. For more information on window replacement and installation read on or feel free to call us at 888-PRO-1998 (888-776-1998), and allow us to exceed your expectations!

Why New Windows are Important

Increased Energy Savings

Drafts in the home can often be caused by a poorly sealed window frame or framing that has begun to deteriorate. Professionally installed replacement windows can fix both of these issues. Sealing up any gaps in your window’s frames can help to lower your energy costs, but so can the glazing on the window.

There are three levels when it comes to window glazing: single-pane, double-pane, and triple-pane. Each level has an energy efficiency rating which determines how much warm/cold air escapes your home and how much is allowed in.

When it comes to energy efficiency, Energy Star certified Triple-Pane Windows far outperform the other levels. These triple-pane windows have been shown to save homeowners $126–$465 annually compared to single-pane windows and $27–$111 annually compared to double-pane windows.

Enhanced Security

Older windows can be a weak spot in the security of your home, making an easy access point for would-be burglars. The glass in older windows tends to be made of thinner more brittle materials when compared to modern manufacturing methods. Another area of concern are the locks on older windows which can start to degrade over time and fail to function properly.

Replacement windows offer a chance to shorten up these vulnerabilities in your home’s security. With the latest locking technologies and thicker, stronger glass materials, replacement windows can help you sleep soundly knowing that your home is secure.

Curb Appeal

If you are getting ready to place your home on the market, replacement windows can be a wise investment. Especially if your home currently has windows that are 20+ years old. Not only do the factors we discussed above help to increase the value of your home, but new windows can help give your home the face-lift it needs to entice potential buyers.

Get the Free Pro Energy Evaluation and Find out How Much You Can Save!

When you schedule a free Pro Energy Evaluation, a trained tech will come to your home and test the energy efficiency of your current windows. The energy evaluation involves using a BTU meter to measure the amount of energy transferring through the window and out of the home. You may be surprised to discover how much energy/money you are losing through your windows. Call us Today to schedule your free Pro Energy Evaluation!

A Pro Window Manufacturer

Pro Home Improvement’s windows packages are all fulfilled directly by the manufacturer. When we decided to begin offering our customers windows, we wanted to work with the best, which is what you get with Pro Windows.

With over a decade of experience and innovation, Pro Home Improvement continues to outperform other manufacturers in areas like quality, energy efficiency, and affordability. When you purchase windows from Pro Home Improvement, you are given access to brands which are not available to the general public!

A Pro Window Brand

The majority of the space a window occupies is made up of glass. Considering that glass is not naturally an insulant it is important to choose an energy-efficient glass system. A quality glass system will help to seal off energy loss and save you money on cooling/heating your home.

Pro Grade Mezzo Windows with triple-pane insulated glass are engineered to maximize energy savings. These windows help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer all while lowering your energy bill.

The quality design of the Mezzo Windows features a triple-pane glass protection system:

  • 1" thick glass
  • Three panes of single-strength glass
  • Two surfaces of Low-E (low-emissivity) technology. A clear metallic layer on the surface of the window which helps to keep heat from passing through the window.
  • Two spaces of argon gas. An insulating gas that creates a thermal barrier as well as a reducing the amount of exterior noise getting into your home.
  • ClimaTech® ThermD Intercept® Stainless Steel Spacer, a one-piece, stainless steel alloy that stabilizes the panes of glass. The stainless steel also helps to prevent seal failure caused by extreme temperature changes.

Pro Grade Replacement Windows Key Features

Features of our pro grade windows

Mezzo Windows are more energy-efficient than clear double-pane windows, by as much as 52%! In the chart below, U-Factor and SHGC ratings of standard single- and double-pane windows have been compared with that of Mezzo's ClimaTech ThermD TG2 Elite system.

  • U-Factor represents the rate of heat flow through the window. Homes that contain windows with a low U-Factor require less energy to properly heat.
  • SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) indicates the amount of solar heat penetrating through your windows.  The lower the SHGC rating of your home's windows the more you’ll save on air-conditioning.
Thermal Performance Comparison1
Model 3001 Double-Hung Window
Composite Reinforcement
U-Factor SHGC
Clear Glass2 0.46 0.59
ClimaTech ThermD TG2 0.22 0.26
ClimaTech ThermD TG2 Elite 0.22 0.19
1Whole window values, single-strength glass.
2Whole window values, double-strength glass.

Windows Maintenance

Once you have your replacement windows installed, it is important to perform regular maintenance on them to ensure you enjoy the full benefit out of this investment in your home.

Regular Cleaning

Properly cleaning your windows and surrounding materials can help to maintain their benefits like energy efficiency and security.

Dust particles, glass mold, and water spots can build up over time, and if you do not make it a point to remove these pollutants regularly, they can end up causing irreversible damage to your windows.

Regular Inspection

At least once a year, though we like to recommend you do it in the fall AND spring, you should make it a point to inspect the seals and frames of all the windows in your home.

Proactively looking for cracks in sealant and damages to the framing can help you catch a small issue and remedy it before it becomes a big headache.

Maintaining Mezzo Windows

Our Mezzo windows feature double-hung frames that make it easier than ever to clean and inspect your windows. The design of the Mezzo frame enables you to tilt each window inward, allowing you to clean the outside of the window while remaining inside your home. No more getting on ladders to reach second story windows and risking injury!

How to Prepare for Window Replacement

When preparing your home for window replacement, it is important to make sure that you have removed any obstacles that may inhibit the installers.

Installers will be moving around your house with tools and the window units. You will want to ensure that pathways through your house are clear of clutter.  You will also want to make sure the areas around your windows are cleared out too.

Items to consider when preparing for installation day:

  • Moving furniture away from the windows
  • Taking down blinds or drapes
  • Removing nearby wall hangings
  • Moving potted plants outside of the home

Another thing to think about is laying plastic sheeting down to cover your carpets and nearby furniture. Since window replacement involves removing your previous windows, dirt and dust that has settled in your walls can take flight and settle around your home. If you are proactive and cover up any valuable items before installation day, you can save yourself from having to do a lot of cleaning after the fact.

What our customers are saying

  • Project: Install or Replace Windows

    From the initial quote from Yvette, to the detailed measurements, through the expert installation, I am extremely satisfied with the professionalism and quality of work. The crew arrived when they said they would and after they left you would never know they were here, with the exception of the great windows!! I would highly recommend Pro to anyone looking for windows.

    — Rich W. in Sterling Heights, MI — 11/11/2016
  • Project: Install or Replace Windows

    I really like these windows and I can already tell the difference in the comfort of my home.

    — Larry L. in Ypsilanti, MI — 12/06/2016
  • Project: Install or Replace Windows

    The new windows are beautiful and today I can already feel a difference in my home. The outside temperature is 17 degrees, and I deliberately lowered the thermostat below the temp I usually keep the house, and the house is toasty warm without any drafts. The installers did an excellent job installing and cleaning up. I worried about them yesterday doing all this in the frigid, windy and sometimes snowy weather, but they kept plugging away. Thank you Pro Home for a job well done. I would certainly recommend your company. Your installers were friendly, courteous, and very hard workers under extreme weather conditions. Thank you all so very much.

    — Elinor B. in Ypsilanti, MI — 01/05/2017