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Your Go-To Gutter Company in Michigan

Lean on Pro Home Improvement for the highest quality gutter systems in Southeast Michigan. Get 20% off your entire gutter project today. See why we’ve earned Detroit Free Press’s Best of the Best Award for 2022 and 2023!
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Why Choose Pro Home Improvement?

Homeowners have been able to count on Pro Home Improvement as their go-to gutter company since 2006.

Our experts excel in installing seamless gutters and protection services by using the highest quality materials and the most skilled installers in the industry. Specializing in aluminum seamless gutters, you can expect unparalleled reliability and competitive pricing. With a wide range of manufacturers and expertise, we’re the premier choice for residential gutter installation in Michigan, so homeowners can enjoy long-term solutions for every budget. Take advantage of our current offer and save 20% on your entire gutter project today.

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What You Can Expect

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Step 1

Schedule a Gutter Inspection

Regular gutter maintenance, including inspections, prevents major leaks. It’s crucial in fall and early spring to catch issues early. Take advantage of our 20% offer on all gutter projects now!

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Step 2

Outer/Inner Inspection

We’ll perform a ground-level visual inspection and then clean debris and check for leaks. Request a free quote from our trusted gutter company today.

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Step 3

Consider Gutter Replacement

When replacing gutters, decisions include color, downspout placement, gutter size, and the need for gutter protection. These choices impact functionality and aesthetics.

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Step 4

Schedule Gutter Installation

Our gutter experts arrive with tools and the highest quality materials, ensuring a seamless installation. They remove old gutters, fabricate seamless ones on-site, and tidy up after.

Dedicated to the Highest
Quality Gutter Materials

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Residential Gutters

Our 5” seamless gutters suit residential needs, facilitating proper water flow and preventing overflow. For heavy rain areas, consider our 6” commercial gutters.


Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters, custom-fabricated on-site, eliminate weak points present in non-seamless systems, prone to failure due to multiple pieces. We secure fasteners at corners, end caps, and downspouts to guarantee lasting reliability.


Commercial Gutters

Our 6” seamless gutters suit commercial and high-rainfall areas, measuring 6 inches wide and 4 inches deep to handle increased water flow without overflow.


Gutter Covers

Quality gutter systems redirect rainwater away from the property, preserving the foundation and landscaping. Gutter protection, like Pro Flow gutter covers, prevents debris clogs, ensuring long-term functionality without cleaning needs for decades.

The Details for Expertly Crafted Gutters

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Gutter systems aim to channel roof runoff to downspouts, preventing erosion of landscaping and foundation. Downspouts efficiently direct water away from the home, safeguarding it when installed with replacement gutters.

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End-Caps and Miters

Gutter runs, facilitated by miters and end caps, are crucial components of gutter systems, redirecting rainwater to downspouts. End caps block water flow at gutter ends, while miters maintain seamless connections around corners.

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Sealants & Hangers

The lifespan of your gutter system depends on various factors including material quality, contractor expertise, sealant, and hanger type used, crucial for long-term protection.

The Benefits of Working With
Pro Home Improvement

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Various Gutter Styles

A gutter replacement involves decisions like color, downspout placement, gutter size, and the need for protection. We'll help you choose what's right for your home.

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Local Michigan Business

With almost 20 years of expertise, we offer beautiful and cost-effective gutter installation services across Michigan, with headquarters in Ferndale.

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No-Pressure Estimates

We provide gutter estimates at no cost to you. We'll work with you to figure out the best functionality and aesthetics for your home. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

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25-Year System Guarantee

Pro Grade Gutters come with an unparalleled guarantee. Unlike typical guarantees, our guarantee covers both materials and installation, ensuring efficient repairs and lasting performance. We're the gutter company you can always count on.

Recent Projects

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Metamora, MI

Botched projects from another company left this home susceptible to leaks and water damage. Our team arrived punctually, offered a fair price, and conducted themselves professionally throughout for a fantastic gutter and siding transformation.
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West Bloomfield, MI

The comprehensive project, including window, gutter, and siding replacement in West Bloomfield, transformed the house dramatically, earning admiration from neighbors. The installers exhibited professionalism and respect throughout the process.

Let's Get Started

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Schedule a free home improvement project estimate and let us worry about the details.

Safety Overview

A Commitment to Safety Excellence


Regular training

We ensure all of our installers are properly trained with all equipment, materials, and best practices.


Secure downspouts

By securing downspouts properly and safely, we can prevent them from swinging or falling.


Follow safety guidelines

Adhering to industry-standard safety protocols and regulations, we ensure all of our contractors are staying up to date on guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of home services do you provide?

Pro Home Improvement offers seamless gutters and gutter installation services in Southeastern Michigan. We will protect your home’s foundation by making sure our gutter products funnel excess rainwater away from your home and have exceptional curb appeal. Pro Home Improvement also offers siding, window, roofing, and insulation services.

In Michigan’s climate, durable materials like aluminum are efficient for gutters. They withstand harsh weather conditions, resist corrosion, and require minimal maintenance.

Signs of failing gutters include: sagging or pulling away from the house, visible cracks or splits, water pooling around the foundation, peeling paint or stains on the siding, mold or mildew growth, and erosion around the foundation. Regular inspections can help catch these issues early for timely gutter repair or gutter replacement services.

Old gutters may fail due to various reasons, including corrosion from exposure to weather elements, improper installation leading to weak joints or seams, accumulation of debris causing clogs, rusting of metal gutters, deterioration of sealants and hangers, and general wear and tear over time. Regular maintenance can prolong their lifespan.

To clean gutters, start by removing debris using a scoop or garden trowel and disposing of it in a bucket or compost pile. Next, flush the gutters and downspouts with a garden hose to remove remaining dirt and debris. Finally, inspect for any damage or clogs and make necessary repairs.

Failing to clean gutters can lead to various issues, such as clogs, which obstruct water flow and cause overflow, potentially damaging the roof, siding, and foundation. Additionally, stagnant water in clogged gutters can attract pests and promote mold growth, compromising the structural integrity of the home.

Related Services

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Pro Home Improvement can help you with a complete exterior makeover of your home – including a new roof.

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Home Insulation

Make your living space more comfortable by having Pro Home Improvement add more insulation to your home. Plus – you’ll save on energy bills!