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Pro Home Improvement and Make-A-Wish Michigan!

Make-A-Wish Michigan grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength, and joy. We believe strongly in this cause and have teamed up with Make-A-Wish in the hopes of making wishes come true.  Pro Home Improvement has pledged a donation from each project we sell in the month of March!  Please join us in making a child’s wish a reality!
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March is Make-A-Wish Month

One of the yearly highlights at Pro Home Improvement is our participation in as many wishes through Make-A-Wish as possible. In years past, we’ve helped with wishes to go to Disney World, built a dream treehouse for Eric, and many others. It is truly the best part of our work, getting to give back as much as we can to children with life-threatening medical conditions. That is why we set aside the entire month of March, every year, to focus all of our efforts on raising money for them. Every March, we set aside $100-$200 from every project we are a part of, to get to our $5,000 goal. This money is used in total, towards making wishes come true for these kids. It is really special to see the reactions in their eyes when you can help make their wish a reality.

7 years of wishes

Make-A-Wish 2019: Camden’s Wish

When her health team referred Camden to Make-A-Wish® Michigan, they believed a treehouse would be the perfect fit for the 3-year-old. A place for her to escape and play outside the house. Watching the treehouse being built was definitely a highlight for Cam and she would light up talking to her nurses and doctors about the treehouse being built just for her. This treehouse is an escape from the harsh reality of her disease. For hours at a time, she can be a kid and imagine that she is in a different world. Since the day the treehouse was completed, Camden has asked to play in it every day.
A little girl in a blue cape standing in a Michigan home.

Make-A-Wish 2018: Malachi’s Wish

Malachi had a unique wish. He didn’t want to travel to a far off destination or build a tree house in the yard. He was more interested in finding peace and comfort at home. Together with student’s from Bishop Foley High School, Pro Home Improvement was able to provide Malachi with a bedroom mural that would be used for visual-therapy and comfort. He is a huge Minions fan and with this, in mind, the group from Bishop Foley put together a wonderful image that his bed now faces. Our very own Gary Muehling was on-site as well installing 2 comfort swings in the home that would provide Malachi with years of comfort. Homeowners like you are what make contributions like this possible.
A man and woman are posing in front of a mural of minions in Michigan.

Make-A-Wish 2016: Khyler’s Wish

When 3-year-old Khyler wished to visit Disney World, Pro Home Improvement was there to help. With lots of assistance from our amazing customers, like you, he was able to visit the Magic Kingdom.

Make-A-Wish 2017: Dakota’s Wish

15-year-old Dakota wanted nothing more than to visit the Magic Kingdom and meet Mickey. When Make-A-Wish Michigan reached out to Pro Home Improvement we helped to make it a reality. Thanks to homeowners like you we were able to make her wish come true.

Make-a-Wish 2015: Eric’s Wish

Eric is a young man who has significant health challenges in his life. He has Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EOE), ulcerative colitis, he is hearing impaired, has asthma, connective tissue disorder, and an eosinophilic granuloma bone tumor on his back. Eric submitted his request, and that’s when it came across Tim’s desk. Tim was immediately ready to help. His company, known for roofing, siding, gutters & insulation projects, was not in the business of building treehouses, but he was ready to learn and build the best treehouse in Michigan.

Make-A-Wish 2013: Ryan’s Wish

14-year-old Ryan, from Ferndale Michigan, wished to visit Yosemite National Park. Thanks to the help from our amazing customers we were able to raise the funds and make his dream a reality.

Make-A-Wish 2014: Karyn’s Wish

12-year-old Karyn, from South Lyon Michigan, wished to visit Disney World. Pro Home Improvement helped her dreams come true, with help from homeowners like you, and she was able to meet all her favorite Disney stars in person!

Make-A-Wish Michigan grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.

Please join us in making a child’s wish come true!

Make a home wish for giving back.