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Signs You Need New Windows

condensation on inside of window

Recent warm weather caused many of us to open our windows and breathe in the fresh air, only making our cabin fever worse once the cold weather returned. We need spring! This warm and cold oscillation happens when the seasons are about to change and we’re about to get some spring weather very soon. There are many signs that your windows may need to be replaced – do you know what they are?

How can you tell you need replacement windows, especially if you have no idea how old they are, what they are made of and how difficult it is to get them replaced? We’d like to give you a few tips so you can know for sure when it’s time to call to get your windows replaced.

  1. Your windows accumulate moisture and get frosty. This means that their insulating properties are no longer working (or were never there to begin with). This happens over time as the seals begin to leak, allowing heat to flow freely through the panes of glass.
  2. The glass feels hot in the summer or cold in the winter. Again, this is a sign that the windows are letting too much energy out of your house. This means that your windows are costing you money whenever you need to heat or cool your house.
  3. It is noticeably colder next to the window during cold weather. This may not be the result of a draft or direct leak, but just that the insulation in the window is not performing as good as it could.
  4. The frame is cracking. This you can see just by looking over the entire window. A cracking or rotting frame is a surefire sign that it’s time to replace.
  5. There are cracks in the window itself. This is a big problem because any bump or accident could lead to injury. Broken glass is no joke and should not be allowed to remain.
  6. Your windows do not look fresh. I don’t mean that they are dirty, I mean that the frame, pane, and entire structure looks dated and aged enough to look bad. This isn’t a problem in itself, but may be a sign that the windows are old and inefficient.
Signs you need a new window
Regularly inspecting your windows and replacing them as they deteriorate can help save on your energy bills and keep your home comfortable throughout the year.

If any of these are true for you, you may need to replace the windows in your home. Luckily for you, windows are an easy job to get done very quickly. They also contribute to your comfort, save you energy dollars and increase your home’s value during resale, which can more than make up for the initial investment.

If you need help assessing your windows current status, you should call the Pros at Pro Home Improvement at 888-776-1998 or schedule an appointment.