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How Summer Weather Can Ruin Your Roof

Extreme heat can cause damage to roofing materials

Here in the Detroit area, this summer has been chock full of weather that most would consider extreme. Rainfall, high winds, hot temperatures and sweltering humidity abound. This extreme heat we’re living through now is the summertime equivalent to the massive snowstorm we encounter in the winter.

Did you know your roof is being tested to its capability right now, and can very easily take damage in this heat?

Problem: Your Roof is Damaged by Heat

Extremely hot temperatures can cause damage to your roof, especially if it has a southern facing exposure. Examples of signs of damage include curled shingles, cracks and areas of diminished granules.

Solution: Installing a quality roofing system from the roof deck up is the best way to ensure you do not have roof failure due to repeated sun exposure. CertainTeed shingles are specially made to resist degradation due to UV exposure. Regular inspections can also help identify areas that may be weakening or need to be replaced.

Problem: Your Roof is Damaged by Humidity

Humidity is the 900 lb elephant sitting on your chest as soon as you exit your home. It is an unfortunate reality of Midwest life. Humidity is the percentage of water vapor present in the air. We all know excess water is the enemy of your home, so it serves us best to keep humidity in check, if at all possible. If the surface of your roof is cooler than the surrounding air, water will condense out of the air and collect right where you don’t want it. Excess water can weaken shingles, roof decking, ruin insulation and cause mold buildup.

Solution: Proper ventilation installed in your roof as a whole will help to mitigate humidity when it rears its ugly head. From proper, continuous vapor barriers to soffit venting, ridge venting and excellent insulation levels, Pro Home Improvement is determined not to let humidity ruin your biggest investment in your home.

Heavy rain and thunderstorms can cause damage to your roof

Problem: Your Roof is Damaged by Rain

Rain is not an immediately problem for most roofs. It is, like the case with so many roofing problems, the source of slow, continuous material breakdown. Especially if weak spots and cracks already exist in your roof, rain can collect and magnify the problem to be even greater. Rain carries away the protective granules, bit by bit. That is why you find so many of them in your gutters when you do your regular gutter clean-out (right?).

Solution: Pro installs their own proprietary underlayment to act as the ultimate gatekeeper, preventing water from ever affecting your roof deck and attic. The shingles and installation procedure are also vital to ensuring weak spots and cracks never crop up. Inspect your roof regularly for signs of missing granules, cracks or curling so you can get ahead of any roofing issues that can arise from a big rainstorm.

Excellent Materials + Professional Installation + Regular Maintenance = Success

Staying ahead of any roofing issues will save you the most money and headache in the long run. Once you notice a leak, you have more than just one problem, you have many. The key is to prepare properly using the roofing success formula shown above. If you combine world class materials with the best professional installation and then inspect & maintain your roof regularly, your roof will outlast you, your warranty and then some, saving you money and headache for years to come.

If you’d like another set of eyes on your roof project, call the Pros at 888-776-1998 or visit our scheduling page here. We’d be happy to help in any way.