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Ask a Contractor

Ask a Contractor

Owning a home means you have a never-ending list of repair projects and you can never be ready for absolutely everything. For this reason, we are Pro Home Improvement are trying to answer some of the common questions and problems that come up in our new “Ask a Contractor” feature.

In this feature, you are welcome to submit questions via our website and we will answer your questions in our blog post.

Use the form below to submit your questions. Your email will only be used to notify you when the answer to your question has been posted.

Drafty Windows

How To Fix Drafty Windows

John K. asks: As the temperatures have started to drop over the last couple weeks, I have noticed cold air coming from around my windows even with the windows closed tightly. New windows are not in the budget and I was wondering what I could do to lessen their impact through the winter.

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Damaged roof shingles

Why are my shingles lifting?

Bob asks: I have a new home, just 2 years old. It’s located in a rural area on a 1-acre lot with no windbreak close by. Recently we had a BIG and sustained wind storm, lasting more than 36 hours. We lost approximately 10 shingles and during the storm and I witnessed many of my shingles “lifting” dramatically up from the roof. My neighbors didn’t lose any shingles, nor did their shingles “lift” in the wind as mine did. What causes this to happen?

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