5 Summer Gutter Tips

Gutter Maintenance Average read time: 3 minutes

Gutters provide protection to your home by taking rainwater away from your foundation, keeping your basement dry and your foundation solid. With all of these summer rains we’re experiencing, now is a great time to check-in on your gutters and make sure they have everything they need to provide a barrier-free path for the deluge…

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How gutter guards help during the winter

Gutter Maintenance Average read time: 2 minutes
Ice dams can damage gutters

Old man winter is loading up your gutters with snow and ice right now and hopefully they are holding on tight until spring! Snow and ice build up during the winter, in part due to clogging and blockages from the year. Why do gutters get clogged and blocked? Mostly because they are “out of sight,…

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Cleaning Gutters is Ridiculous

Fall/Winter, Gutter Maintenance Average read time: 2 minutes
Gutter cleaning

Gutters are important to the health of your home. They carry water far away from your house where it cannot do damage. One of the biggest reasons gutters fail is because they get clogged. And cleaning gutters is a huge pain. This is why, I wanted to tell you today, with enough time before the…

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Home Protection: Gutters and Downspouts

Gutter Maintenance Average read time: 3 minutes
Rain Barrel

The recent abrupt introduction to spring in Michigan has brought us steady rainfall. You may have noticed your gutters overflowing or leaks occurring around your house, which can be caused by any myriad of gutter issues, including clogging or damage. But, what occurs if the rain water makes it into the gutter safely and through…

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DIY Gutter Cleaning: 7 Tips to Staying Safe

Gutter Maintenance Average read time: 4 minutes
Gutter Cleaning

If you stepped outside this weekend and it felt like spring, you were not alone. Thousands of people across Michigan saw the outside air temperature creep past 60, despite the fact that it was still mid-February. Yes, it seems the groundhog is keeping his promise to bring us an early end to winter. If you…

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Why Gutters Are Important

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Read article: Why Gutters Are Important

You don’t think much about gutters until they are dumping water on your head, do you? Gutters serve many important purposes, not just to keep you dry as you search for your house key. Knowing this, you can avoid many big problems with your home if you keep your gutters flowing smoothly. What do gutters…

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