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How gutter guards help during the winter

Ice dams can damage gutters

Old man winter is loading up your gutters with snow and ice right now and hopefully they are holding on tight until spring! Snow and ice build up during the winter, in part due to clogging and blockages from the year.

Why do gutters get clogged and blocked? Mostly because they are “out of sight, out of mind”. Since their clogs aren’t in your daily view, you forget to clean them out. Also, since they are high up, they are tough and dangerous to clean out regularly. This leads to the perfect gutter clogging storm, unless you have gutter guards.

My gutters flow just fine. Why install Pro Flow Gutter Guards?

Gutters serve more purposes than just to carry rainwater off of the roof. They protect your foundation by keeping large volumes of water away from it. They protect your basement from flooding. They protect your yard from soil erosion. They keep your home as water-free as possible, which leads to lower incidences of mold and mildew. Your gutters do a lot for your home, you should protect them as much as you can.

I do hate cleaning them. Okay, what are Pro Flow Gutter Guards?

There are dozens of gutter guards on the market, but there is only one Pro Flow Gutter Guard. The Pro Flow Gutter Guard is made up of an angled mesh shield that prevents debris from building up inside the gutter, but allows water to flow freely. The rubbed-based insert is angled at a forty-five degree angle to ensure that the flow of water is always away from your home.

A person cleaning the gutters of a house.
Gutter cleaning can be dangerous and a hassle, especially during the colder months.

Any other benefits?

I thought you’d never ask! Pro Flow Gutter Guards prevent birds and other critters from building nests in your gutters. Nests are an instant-clog and will wreak havoc on your downspouts.

They eliminate the need to clean gutters – they become maintenance free! Also, with no clogs, there will be no stagnant water building up which is a prime location for mosquitos to breed near your home.

Without clogs, there will be less weight on your gutters and no rust build-up, maximizing the lifespan of your gutter system.

And last but not least – your safety! Climbing a ladder 4x (or more) per year is a chance for you to fall. 500,000 people injured themselves by falling off of ladders last year alone!

What kind of guarantee do you offer?

Pro Home Improvement guarantees their Pro Flow Gutters for 25 years. If they don’t stay clean, we’ll clean them ourselves at no cost.

Wow, 25 years?

Yep. If you’d like to learn more and get an estimate for your home, call 888-776-1998 or visit estimates to schedule a meeting. We’re happy to help you improve your home in any way possible.

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