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The Pro Home Fall Guide to Gutters

Fall guide to gutters

If you are not prepared for the fall season in Michigan, your gutters could be in trouble. Gutters are a necessary part of making sure your home’s foundation stays as dry and stable as possible. They aren’t just for keeping rain off of your head. But gutters installed without excellent gutter guards can be a collection point for leaves and debris causing major issues. Keeping them clean in the fall can be a daily job without gutter guards. Here are some fall clean-up tips to make sure your gutters stay in great shape this fall. But first…

Why are excess leaves in my gutters a problem?

Leaves and dirt hold water and water is heavy. Every gallon of water is almost 8.5 pounds! This means that a bunch of leaves and dirt all along your gutters can add up to hundreds of pounds of leaf-sludge in your gutters. All of that weight will eventually pull the gutters away from your house. It also has the tendency to freeze in the winter causing ice damming and damage to your roof.

Leaves also block the flow of water making it go over the gutter edge. This defeats the purpose of the gutters allow water to fall near the house foundation. This puts extra strain on the foundation which can lead to foundation shifting, cracking or water in your basement – all of which are costly and a huge hassle to fix.

1. Keep the gutters clean.

This is super easy if you have Pro Flow Gutter Guards, you essentially never have to think about it. But, if you don’t, you need to be on your ladder weekly pulling those leaves out of the gutters before they can become sludge and much harder to remove. Use smart ladder safety by asking a friend to spot you on the ladder, gloves and eye protection when removing leaves from gutters since they can splash and get in your eyes easily.

2. Trim trees back

A great way to avoid the leaf & gutter issue altogether is to remove the tree limbs that are contributing the leaves in the first place. This can be easy or difficult depending on the location and height of the trees in your yard. Use your best judgment when deciding whether this is something you can handle or if you should hire it out. Many hardware stores sell a tree-trimming device which is a saw on a stick that you can operate from the ground. This is a very useful tool for keeping your roof and gutters free of debris.

3. Install Pro Flow Gutter Guards

If you’ve had enough of the constant leaf removal from your gutters, consider installing the industry-leading, proven technology from Pro Home Improvement. These gutter guards aren’t just wire mesh and they don’t just “move the problem somewhere else”. These guards ensure you never have leaves building up and blocking the flow of water again. The peace-of-mind that comes from never having to check a gutter again is worth the price alone.

If you have gutter concerns or want to see if your gutters should have the Pro Flow Gutter Guards installed, call us now at 888-776-1998 or visit us online to schedule an appointment through our estimates page.