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Cleaning Gutters is Ridiculous

Gutter cleaning

Gutters are important to the health of your home. They carry water far away from your house where it cannot do damage. One of the biggest reasons gutters fail is because they get clogged. And cleaning gutters is a huge pain.

This is why, I wanted to tell you today, with enough time before the fall begins (it’s coming quickly) that you need Pro Flow Gutter Protection.

Why do I need that?

Pro Flow Gutter Protection is on the cutting edge. It blocks leaves, sticks and other junk from building up inside your gutters, allowing them to flow freely and remain maintenance free.

Cleaning out gutters is a huge pain, I agree.

Take a look at the ridiculous contraption that somebody built in order to make cleaning out their gutters easier. They attached a vacuum to a lawnmower to make a homemade chipper for gutter build up. Do you think that’s a good use of your vacuum, lawnmower and your entire weekend?

Modified lawnmower

Absolutely not.

I always think about cleaning the gutter, but then I never do.

This is precisely why you need Pro Flow Gutter Protection. Most people never get around to cleaning their gutters and that means you could have hundreds of pounds of leaves, muck and water just sitting in your gutters. Your gutters are not designed to carry that kind of weight, so they will slowly peel away from your house and break, leaving you with no gutters at all.

The people that do remember to clean them, use a bunch of their free time and risk their lives all to save a few dollars. This is called being “penny-wise and pound-foolish”.

What do you mean?

These people think they are being thrifty by not investing in a gutter protection system and doing the work themselves. But they aren’t considering what their time is worth. Also, they aren’t considering the risk to their well-being.

500,000 people injure themselves falling them a ladder per year, with 50,000 of them needing extended hospitalization.

Those have to be workplace statistics, right?

No, 97% of those falls were non-workplace related and were from heights no taller than 12 feet. These people were all doing routine maintenance such as gutter cleaning and were exposed to potential brain trauma, broken bones and deep lacerations.

Is Pro Flow Gutter Protection really maintenance free?

Yes, and we guarantee it for 25 years. If your gutters don’t stay clean, we’ll clean them ourselves at no cost to you, for 25 years.

Pro Flow gutter protection
Pro Flow gutter protection

Wow, that’s a good guarantee.

It’s almost like we believe in this product and what it says it can do!

Okay, so what kind of deal do you have now?

Pro Home Improvement is offering their Pro Flow Gutter Protection system right now with a $200 coupon. That’s an immediate $200 savings.

Sounds good, I’m almost convinced.

Okay, well this should tip the scales and make it a no-brainer. They are also offering 18 months financing, no payments, no interest. You could get new gutters, gutter protection and enjoy it for 2016, 2017 and not pay until 2018, with no interest at all! How can you beat that?

I’m sold. How do we start?

You can start by calling Pro Home Improvement at 888-776-1998 to schedule a quick appointment. You can also contact us here to get more information.