The Facts About Ice Dams

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Ice dams can damage gutters

What Are Ice Dams? Ice dams are formed when heat from the inside of a home escapes into the attic and warms the roof decking during the winter. This heat, combined with heat from the sun, can melt snow on the roof. Melting snow on the upper roof and in the valleys then runs down…

The True Cost of Cheap Roofing

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shingles falling off roof

Competition is usually a good thing when it comes to getting services for your home as it forces companies to compete for your business, driving costs down. Unfortunately, it can also promote the “race to the bottom” where someone is always ready to accept a lower fee for a service. This causes many to only…

Water Stains on the Ceiling

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Water stains on ceiling

The sheer difficulty of locating water penetration points with 100% confidence is very high. This is the reason Pro Home Improvement recommends having a professional roofing contractor perform a full roof inspection to identify where the source of the problem might be.

What is Short-Circuiting?

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Roof with a ridge vent

  When you think of a short circuit, you might be thinking of an electrical problem. A loose electrical connection or frayed wire can accidentally connect with something that is grounded and cause a fuse to blow. This is because electricity wants to take the easiest path to ground. This is the same idea as…

How Much Ventilation Do You Need?

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Ensuring adequate attic ventilation is important to maintaining your roof and keeping mold out of your attic. But is there any way to know how much ventilation is enough? Can there be too much ventilation? Today, I wanted to share with you a few simple rules of thumb and answer common attic ventilation questions. How…

Roof Algae Removal

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Roof Algae

In southeast Michigan, blue-green algae can sometimes appear on the outside of your roof shingles. The best way to approach this is to use a highly basic chemical solution, such as zinc sulfate. When people see moss on their roof, they may not be aware that it will damage their roof and even will promote…

Should You Pull a Roofing Permit

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Roofing Ferndale

Getting your roof replaced is an investment and pulling a permit seems like an unnecessary delay and added cost. Should your roofing contractor even bother to involve the city and get a permit for your new roof? The answer is unequivocally yes. There are many safeguards that come with getting the proper permit for your roof…

Watch Out for the 10 Most Common Roofing Mistakes

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bad roof flashing

When it comes to roof replacements we’ve seen it all. From bad to worse installations, we have been called to come and fix what another company or homeowner has done incorrectly. From all of our experiences, we have noticed some trends and want to share some of these with you so you can avoid them and…

Tear Off vs Overlay – Which is Better?

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A beautiful new replacement roof

Replacing your roof is a project that nobody looks forward to doing. Usually, you know it’s necessary because of the age and condition of your roof. So you start getting estimates from reputable companies and eventually one of these companies prices is much lower than everybody else. What happened? How are they able to be…