Why You Need Attic Insulation

Why You Need Attic Insulation

If you do not have the right level of attic insulation, it may be to blame for the high cost keeping your home comfortable. This large space beneath your roof is a great place for heat to leave or enter your home.

If your attic insulation is not the right R-value it may be costing you. Up to 30% of the energy spent heating or cooling your home can leave through the attic. One of the main causes of high utility bills! The right levels of insulation will stop this thermal loss and lead to energy savings each month.

The suggested R-Value of insulation in the attic of your home is R49 to R60. Even if you currently have some insulants present in your attic, you may not have the right level to control your home’s interior climate. The experts at Pro can inspect your attic and ensure that your home has the right levels of attic insulation. If we find that you could benefit from more or better insulation we can help you choose the best type to get the job done.

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Small ProjectInsulation

Project cost$2,000

Term Length5 years

Daily cost$1.11

Medium ProjectInsulation

Project cost$4,000

Term Length7 years

Daily cost$1.64

Large ProjectInsulation

Project cost$6,000

Term Length10 years

Daily cost$1.73

XL ProjectMultiple Products

Project cost$18,000

Term Length12 years

Daily cost$4.31

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Attic Insulation Products

Pro currently offers five types of insulants that can help slow the loss of thermal energy from your home’s attic.

Stabilized Cellulose

Stabilized cellulose is our exclusive blown in insulation. The stabilized nature of this product means that it is guaranteed not to settle or shift, meaning you will have proper coverage for decades to come. Made from 100% recycled materials this insulant is the greenest product we use.

Cellulose Insulation


Fiberglass is available as loose fill and batt. The most common form of insulation used in Michigan homes. You may recognize it from the unique pink color. It is made of glass fibers that are woven together with a binder. This gives the insulant a wool like texture.

Fiberglass insulation


Denim is available as loose fill and batt. This insulant is made using excess materials from denim factories. The product is completely recyclable and has a low waste production process. It also does a better job of noise reduction over other insulants.

Denim insulation

Spray Foam

Spray foam insulation is available as open and closed cell. This form of insulant gives the best permanent coverage out of all the options. This product is a foam that expands onto the surface it is sprayed on. This will seal up all spots where drafts may be coming from.

Spray Foam Insulation

Do you offer attic insulation near me?

Pro’s offices are located in Ferndale, MI, and we regularly provide attic insulation services to residents all over Metro Detroit. From Flint to Ann Arbor, we have proven ourselves as the best choice in insulation contractors.

When you are ready to discover the many benefits of our Pro Grade Attic Insulants, please call us at 888-PRO-1998 (888-776-1998) and request a FREE no-pressure insulation estimate.

What Our Insulation Customers Are Saying

  • Thanks to everyone on the staff for their professionalism and I already see a difference in my furnace not running so often!! Everything from the estimate, scheduling to get the job done and then the installation of insulation was handled professionally. Thanks again to everyone!

    — Roberta H in Warren, MI

  • The second time we have used pro home improvement! We couldn't be happier. They go above and beyond with all jobs as well as affordable and professional. No need to shop around next job we have done. Customer for life! Thank you Pro Home improvement.

    — Christopher H in Dexter, MI