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Stabilized Cellulose Insulation For Your Home

Even if you have placed other forms of blown-in insulants in your walls or attic space, over time they can settle. The r-value of these insulants is based on their thickness, so as they settle they will start to lose R-value. With our cellulose insulation, we have stabilized the product. This makes it so the insulant will not settle over time. Pro Grade Stabilized Cellulose will not put stress on your ceilings. When installed by the experts at Pro you can count on top-quality results for your home.

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Pro Grade Cellulose Insulation

When it comes time to choose an insulant for your attic or exterior walls, most homes can benefit from our exclusive cellulose insulant. This blown in insulation will lower costs on your home’s energy bills. In most cases, the product will pay for itself in as little as two years. Our stabilized cellulose insulation is a smart choice for those that wish to keep their home pleasant and their costs low.

Is cellulose a good insulator?

Made from 100% recycled fibers, cellulose insulation is a “green” choice for the those that want to keep a small footprint. Fiberglass, by contrast, can’t be recycled. Our brand boasts a low emissions rate for the transportation and production processes. Thanks to the use of Pro Grade Stabilized Cellulose, you will be saving energy and supporting a more sustainable way of life. For those that do not wish to replace their current system, we can install this insulant over older materials. This gives you savings on both removal and disposal fees.

What is cellulose insulation made of?

As we mentioned our cellulose is made from recycled materials. It is a special blend of paper fiber and post-consumer materials that are then ground into a pulp. There is also a non-harmful fire retardant that is applied to the material making it not only reliable but safe. In order to stabilize the product we add in a water-activated binding agent that helps give this insulant structure as it is blown into your home.

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What is the R-value of cellulose insulation?

Our Pro Grade product has a per inch R-value of 3.5. This means it takes just over 12 inches to get the average attic to the proper rating recommened for Michigan homes.

How Does it Work?

Blown in cellulose is an insulant that works to curb the transfer of heat from your home. It does this in the hot months by keeping the heat out. This will ease the load on your AC. In the cold months, it will help keep in the heat your furnace makes. These two benefits will lower your energy bills. Our Pro Grade product is concentrated.

Is Cellulose insulation dangerous?

Some forms of cellulose can lower the air quality inside of the home. This is due to dust coming off the product as it shifts and settles. In non stabilized forms of cellulose insulation this dust can contain paper fibers that can lead ot respiratory issues if untreated. However, our Pro Grade product avoids these concerns by stabilizing the product during installation. Avoiding settling, movement, and the creation of dust particles.

Fire Prevention Tests

Tested by R&D Services, Pro Grade Cellulose beats the standards of fire-resistance testing. With a record 15 times greater than the National Standard! Meaning our Pro Grade Insulation is a much safer choice for your home and family.

What Should I Expect During Installation?

In most situation our insulation experts will need to enter your home to install your insulation. However, you can rest assured that they will not harm any of your home’s interior. This is due to the large tubes we use during the process. These tubes are fed by a large blower that we keep outside of your home. This machine will mix the cellulose insulation with water to activate the stabilization. The moist cellulose will then be blown into your attic. As we create a strong thermal barrier your home will begin to retain its climate better than ever before.

Blown-in Cellulose Insulation Installation

Do you offer cellulose insulation near me?

Pro Home Improvement’s offices are near the border of Ferndale and Detroit, MI. We regularly install blown-in cellulose insulation for residents all over Metro Detroit. From Ann Arbor all the way up to Flint, we have proven ourselves as the best local insulation contractors. We provide free inspections prior to all estimates and include yearly inspections on all finished projects.

When you are ready to discover the many benefits of our Pro Grade Insulation, please call us at 888-PRO-1998 (888-776-1998) or get a FREE no-pressure insulation estimate.

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