What is Lap Siding?

What is Lap Siding?

Choosing Outdoor Siding

Today’s market offers many types of exterior finishes for a house, but more homeowners than ever are choosing lap siding. Whether you are building a new home or simply refurbishing an older one, lap siding can help to enhance the exterior while protecting what’s inside.

What is Lap Siding?

Lap siding is designed to create a watertight seal for your home, keeping out the elements and helping to avoid any structural damage. To form this seal the lap siding varies from traditional siding style in two ways: design and installation. These two factors vary across the three main types of lap siding: Horizontal Dutch Lap and Shiplap.

Styles of Lap Siding

Lap siding comes in many different materials and styles with widths from 3 to 7 inches and lengths of 12, 16 and 20 foot. Available in vinyl or polymer, there are 12 traditional types of lap siding. It is also available in double or triple “courses,” which imitates wood boards.

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Horizontal or Dutch Lap Siding

This style of lap siding utilizes long, even planks that are slightly thicker at the bottom. When installing Dutch Lap, the planks are laid from the bottom upward. This method creates a watertight seal that runs from the top of your home to its foundation.

Shiplap Siding

While not as common as Dutch Lap, Shiplap siding has seen a recent rise in popularity. With Shiplap you still get a watertight seal, however, both the method and appearance are very different from Dutch Lap.

Shiplap siding is installed using a tongue and groove system similar to the methods used for hardwood floors. This installation method allows shiplap to finish with a smooth and clean surface. Giving the appearance that the planks are all flush with each other.

Advantages of Lap Siding

  • There are many different designs as well as colors available in this product, which means there is a style of lap siding that would look stunning on your home.
  • Reflects an overall appearance of wood and immediately adds beauty to the home while requiring low maintenance.
  • It has does not dent like aluminum, is economical and installation is not difficult.
  • The first thing most people notice about a home is the siding. Which is why it is essential to pick siding that is not only durable but also aesthetically pleasing.

With our Pro Grade Lap Siding, care has been taken by our manufacturers to produce products that are long-lasting and beautiful. We also guarantee our lap siding with an industry-leading warranty.

Further information on siding styles and pricing is available by contacting us directly at 888-PRO-1998 (888-776-1998). You can also schedule a Free No-Pressure Estimate today!

What Our Siding Customers Are Saying

  • I'll keep this short. Every step of this job was performed as should be expected by professionals. I used to do this type of work so I know what to look for. I asked the PM if I was going to get a good work crew for my job and he immediately said, oh yes, I have two guys and one is a metal trim artist. Well, he was certainly correct. The two guys doing my job did not hurry their work. They performed it with skill and care. I could not be more pleased!! If you get these two guys for your job, they do get hungry by the middle of the day and they love Jet's Pizza and prefer the Aloha version. Feed your crew! They will appreciate it! Lastly, the job site was cleaned up after every installation day. It was like they were never there. I will be needing a new roof in the near future. I now know who I'm calling first...

    — Gene in Lincoln Park, MI

  • My total experience with PRO has been exceptional! It started with my first call to customer service. The gentleman who took my information was polite and very professional. The day of the meeting, the same gentleman called to remind me of my appointment. The salesperson, Tim was very professional, yet warm and friendly. He explained the differences between the 3 levels of siding but did not pressure me to select one over the other. I chose the middle of the road siding that included insulation that was not offered with the competitors who also quoted the project. The day my project was to start, they were a little late, but when I called to inquire, Justin stated that they were on their way and within an hour my job was starting. The installers were very professional and friendly. The siding looks better than I expected and I am sure that it increases the value of my property. Cleanup was good although they left a few screws and staples on the driveway. When the city inspector came to inspect the job, we were instantly approved! Like other reviewers, the inspector seemed pretty impressed with the quality of work. I would use PRO in the future without any hesitation and would gladly recommend them to anyone who asks! Thank you PRO!

    — Valda C in Westland, MI