Keep thermostats low while not breaking your budget.

Energy Savings

Ever since vinyl siding came out in the 1960’s, it has been very popular with homeowners, who love its durable construction and easy maintenance. Properly manufactured and installed vinyl siding has some advantages when it comes to stabilizing your homes interior climate. Insulated vinyl siding, which hit the market in 1997, builds upon those strengths providing homeowners with significant energy savings.

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Material Composition

Vinyl siding is constructed mainly of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), that is very durable. The polymers used in vinyl siding have a higher resistance to the elements of weather such as extreme heat and cold, which can enhance the energy efficiency of your house. The stabilized formulation of this polymer composite ensures that there won’t be any heat accumulation. The pigments used in the panel colors are specially formulated to limit the build-up of solar heat by deflecting the sun’s UV rays. This also helps reduce your overall utility bill.

Saving Money and Saving Energy

When a home has poor or inadequate insulation, it can be challenging to keep the interior cool in the summer while also staying warm in the winter. Insulated vinyl siding (which is also referred to as thermal siding) can give a home that extra protection and climate control.

In traditional siding or regular vinyl materials, a gap is left between the outer wall of the house and the siding that has been used. This can promote a loss of energy from the structure. Which is why Pro uses an insulating foam board beneath the our housewrap. this foam board will offset any thermal energy loss that occurs with siding alone.

Insulated vinyl siding has insulation material on the panels which can provide the house with nearly four times more insulating protection than non-insulated siding.

Increase Your Home’s R-Value

The R-value (thermal resistance) of the home is increased which results in lower utility bills during the year, and reduces thermal bridging; the R-value for insulated vinyl siding can be as high as 5.3.

This extra padding also helps increase the sidings durability when it comes to severe weather and debris. In the event that damage occurs to you insulated vinyl siding, replacing a panel is easy.

Tile Color and Energy

Homeowners have a wide range of colors to choose from if they decide to install vinyl siding. In order to get the maximum energy savings, panel color in white or off-white are the best.

Almost 90% of solar energy will be absorbed by dark colored tiles, but panels in a lighter color will reflect light and heat off of the house. This will result in tremendous savings since your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to cool the house. You can also add a reflective material to the siding which will further improve energy savings.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

During the manufacturing procedure, any scrap vinyl left over from the job is recycled back to produce new vinyl siding for a future project. There are fewer dioxins and toxic chemicals emitted during manufacturing vinyl siding compared to other siding products. You can also rest assured knowing there is no lead contained in vinyl siding products.

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