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Will Your Roof Make it Through the Winter?

Snow covered home

Fall is not commonly thought of peak season for roofing projects or other exterior home projects – however, it is a fantastic time to be thinking about the condition of your roof. Let’s go through a few of the reasons why fall is the best time to install a brand new roof.

  1. You are heading into the toughest time of the year for your roof. Winter in Michigan is tough on our roofs. Ice damming, moist attic air condensing, excess snow load and leaks are common. If your roof is in its twilight years and you are concerned about it, replacing your roof in the fall is the best thing you can do to prepare for the harsh winter ahead.
  2. Projects can be cheaper in the off-season. The demand for complete roof replacements is not as high in the off-season, so there may be more skilled workers available to complete your job. Also, due to lower demand, many companies offer deals during the off-season to increase interest and raise awareness of this opportunity.
  3. You can beat the spring rush. When spring rolls around, the winter that caused all sorts of roofing havoc for everybody is over and all of the roofs that were limping along desperately need replacement. This causes a long backlog and possibly long wait for a company to come and replace each roof. When you are waiting for a needed replacement, other damage to your home can occur, such as leaks and structural damage.
  4. Be ready to sell your home. Spring starts the real estate season and there is no better way to kick it off than to already have a fresh roof put on, especially one with 25-year guarantee. The real estate market in Michigan is very hot and properties are moving quickly. With a new roof, you position your home as an asset because one of it’s biggest possible costs, a roof replacement, is already taken care of. You can easily command an additional sum by being the only house in your area with freshly replaced, professionally-installed roof.
  5. Sleep soundly all winter long. If you have an older roof and you are concerned about its integrity, you have to worry about it every night. Is it leaking? Is there mold growing in the attic? Are my shingles being destroyed by an ice dam? With a new roof and the water & ice shield that Pro installs, you can sleep soundly in the heaviest of winter storms. A new fall roof comes with winter peace of mind.
  6. Save on energy bills. A brand new roof with excellent ventilation will save you money because your attic will be performing at peak conditions. Keep your money in your wallet.

If you would like to beat the rush and get a great deal on a roof replacement, don’t hesitate to call the Pros at 888-776-1998 or visit our estimates page.