Keep thermostats low while not breaking your budget.

Insulation Energy Savings

The cost to keep your home comfy year-round seems to be on the rise. It could be the gas that keeps your furnace on in the cold months. Or it could be the electricity that keeps your AC running when it is too hot to bear. Every change in weather seems to place some strain on your utilities. With the right insulant added to your home’s attic space or exterior walls, you can see a dip in your monthly bills which can lead to long-term savings. Insulation energy savings can easily pay for the price of install within a few years time.

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Lowering Utility Bills With Insulation

Out of all the services Pro offers, new insulation is the best way to lower the costs of keeping your home comfortable. The savings you can gain with the right insulant can be surprising. Some see a cost savings of more than 50% on home utility bills.

How does insulation lower utility costs?

The goal of an insulant is to limit how much heat transfers in and out of your home. Not only does it help in the winter, but it keeps your home cool in the summer months as well. This boost in your control of the climate in your home will cause both your A/C and furnace run less. That means less electricity and gas consumption throughout the year.

Attic Insulation Energy Savings

Hot air rises! Right through an attic which lacks the right R-value. If your attic does not have the right amount of insulation then 30% of all the warm air your furnace makes can leak out from your roof. In Michigan, the suggested level for a home’s attic is R-49 – R-60 while the recommended level for exterior walls is R-21.

Blown-In Cellulose For Your Attic

Made from 100% recycled fibers, our very own Pro Grade Stabilized Cellulose is the best choice for your home’s attic insulation. Not only is this insulant greener than fiberglass it is safer as well. This insulant has a fire-resistance rating 15 times greater than that of the national standard! Our cellulose insulation boasts an R-value rating of 3.8 per inch. On an uninsulated roof, it would require 10 inches of this insulant for a Michigan attic. We go above and beyond though, putting well closer to 20 inches of our Pro Grade insulation in each attic we service.

Cellulose Insulation

Dense Pack Cellulose For Your Exterior Walls

Using the same material as the blown in insulation above, dense pack insulation is perfect for closed walls. We start by drilling small holes into the wall’s exterior and then inserting a small nozzle into the holes. We then pump the celulose directly into the cavities of the wall until a dense thermal barrier is achieved.

Dense Pack Cellulose Install

Got questions about energy savings with insulation?

If you have a question about attic insulation energy savings you can call us at 888-PRO-1998 (888-776-1998). One of our experts can help you learn what Pro Grade insulants can do for your home. You can also schedule a FREE no-pressure insulation estimate today.

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