How To Clean Your Gutters

How To Clean Your Gutters

Part of your yearly home maintenance plan should include inspection and cleaning of your gutter system. It is recommended by most gutter experts that you clean your gutters at least twice a year. Once in the fall and again in the spring. This will allow you to catch issues before they turn into a bigger problem. Not removing the sticks and leaves that can build up in gutters may lead to blockages, overflows, and costly damage to your home. Even when you have gutter protection in place it is important to make sure no debris is collecting over your the top of your gutter guards.

Tools Required

  • A large tarp for each side of your home with gutters present
  • A ladder
  • Gloves
  • Garden hose
  • Spray nozzle

Optional Tools

Standoff stabilizer

Using a standoff stabilizer on your ladder will not only give the ladder more stability, but it will also keep the ladder from damaging your gutters!

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Garden trowel or similar

If you are cleaning regularly you should be able to get most of the gunk out with your hands. However, for tougher/older clogs something like a garden trowel will come in handy.

How to Clean Your Gutters

Step 1

Start out by laying down one of your large tarps under the gutter run you plan on cleaning. This will help protect your lawn while giving you a place to safely drop the gutter gunk as it is removed.

Step 2

Now set the ladder where you want to begin. A Pro tip is to start at the downspout and work your way towards an endcap or corner. This way when you get to step 4 you don’t need to move the ladder an extra time. If using stabilizers then the stabilizer bars should be resting on the roof.

Step 3

Remove any sticks or leaves that have collected on top of the gutter run or gutter protection. This will give you a better look at the state of your interior gutters. Now you want to remove anything that doesn’t belong. Leaves, dirt, nests, twigs, and acorns are common finds in Michigan gutters.

Step 4

Once you have removed all the debris from a particular gutter run it is time to bring out the hose! Each gutter run you clear will have a slight pitch to it, this angling will ensure water runs toward the downspout of choice. You are going to use your hose, without the spray nozzle, to let the water run down the full length of the gutter runs. This will clear any small particles you missed and make sure that there are no blockages in the downspout.

Step 5

If you do discover that one of your downspouts is blocked then it is time to get the spray nozzle. Aim your spray nozzle directly into your downspout and pull the trigger. This should do the trick of freeing up any leaves or sticks that have become lodged in your downspout.

Good Time To Inspect

When you are cleaning your gutter system it is a great opportunity to check on the state of your gutters. Check for areas with leaks developing or spots where the gutters have begun to pull away from the home. Every miter, endcap, and downspout should have sealant present that has not begun to fail. If you have any questions about gutter cleaning and maintenance feel free to contact the experts at Pro Home Improvement. Call us today at 888-PRO-1998 (888-776-1998) or get a FREE no-pressure gutter estimate.

What Our Gutter Customers Are Saying

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    — Nanette N in St Clair Shores, MI

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    — Jeff B in Lakeville, MI