Insulated Siding

For many years, vinyl siding has been the most popular type of exterior cladding installed on homes across the country. This siding material is often preferred for its lower price, ease of maintenance, and the fact that it never needs padding.

Insulated Siding

Recently, one type of vinyl siding has been getting more attention from homeowners and builders: insulated siding. This cladding type comes with a number of unique perks and builds something great for your home, on top of the existing benefits of vinyl.

What is Insulated Siding?

Insulated vinyl siding panels have a foam-core attached to the back of the sheet with laminate. This reinforced siding is available in a wide range of styles and colors, from traditional horizontal cladding to siding that mimics the look of more expensive home siding such as shingles and shakes.

How Does Insulated Siding Work?

With insulated siding, your home will enjoy increased durability and sustainability. The primary benefit to this type of siding is the savings you’ll experience on your home energy costs. Insulated siding provides a stronger and less penetrable seal that maintains interior temperatures longer in both hot and cold weather. Insulated siding also offers greater noise reduction capabilities thanks to the foam core.

All That and It Looks Good

Concerning aesthetics, insulated siding can enhance the appearance of your home over traditional vinyl siding. The foam-core backing creates an improved profile with longer, flatter panels and an overall straighter appearance.

Stands Up to Hail and More

Another advantage of insulated siding is the improved resistance qualities. Thanks to extra padding from the foam backing, insulated vinyl siding is less likely to become dented or damaged. This siding can stand up to hail, stones, debris, or even the occasional stray baseball!

If you’re looking for a durable, versatile and attractive exterior for your home, consider installing insulated vinyl siding. You’ll enjoy decreased energy costs, greater protection, and an overall higher aesthetic value.

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    PRO Home Improvement was the right company for me!!! PRO was not the first company I talked to when I decided to vinyl side my house, and they were not the lowest price, but they were the most believable and they understood what I was trying to accomplish. Their process from beginning to end was professional with honesty and integrity. They said what they could do and when they could do it, then did it better than expected.

    Representatives from other companies did not seem to be interested in me and were not specific about what and when. I am an extremely over-scheduled mother and grandmother who was nervous about tackling a much-needed home improvement. Just about the time I had decided not to talk to another installation company, PRO's Dwight Conger came to my house and explained everything I needed to know to me and one of my granddaughters. He was very polite and patient and seemed very experienced. The pricing was believable and only slightly higher than another company that I did not trust. Thank-you Dwight, Keith, John, Tim and all of your installers for doing fantastic work and for being exactly ON TIME to make this grandmother very happy & satisfied.

    — Penelope S. in Taylor, MI — 06/12/2018