Aluminum Trim

Aluminum trim it is an excellent compliment to vinyl siding and truly helps to polish off the intended aesthetic. Aluminum trim is available in all types of surface finishes, profile shapes, and colors. It is not a challenge to find a trim that works with your chosen siding.

Aluminum Trim

People can rely on aluminum trim for all varieties of homes and applications. Typical usages for aluminum trim are to fame doors and windows. However aluminum trim can also help to finalize the installation of the eves and columns on a covered porch.

Beautiful Finish

People can choose between all kinds of surface colors and profiles. These options can work well alongside all siding approaches. Whether you’re interested in a classic look or you wish to go for something a bit more contemporary, aluminum trim is a reliable choice.

Sturdy and reliable

Aluminum trim is amazingly sturdy and powerful. It can tolerate scratching and wear and tear. It can handle strong impacts, too. If you want to invest in trim that can stand the test of time, aluminum may be the finest material choice for you and for your household.

Not Vulnerable to Rusting

Aluminum trim isn’t at all vulnerable to unsightly and annoying rusting problems. Siding trim that consists of aluminum alloy is impervious to all types of corrosion and rust issues. If you want a trim that is far less prone to unattractive discoloration and fading, aluminum may be the way to go.

Aluminum Trim Is a Piece of Cake to Maintain

Aluminum trim doesn’t call for time-consuming and difficult upkeep work. Cleaning it is a fast and straightforward process. Acid and detergent use isn’t required at all. You can handle the cleaning of your trim by the same method and frequency that you clean the rest of your siding.

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What Our Siding Customers Are Saying

  • Project: Install or Replace Vinyl Siding

    From the salespeople and the project manager to the labors, everybody was very professional and went above what was expected of them. They showed up when they said they would be here, did the job they said they would do, on time and on budget. They could only finish three quarters of the the house because we had to have some insurance work done on one wall that took about a week. They cleaned up just like the job was done, and when the other contractors were finished with the last wall I called Pro's project manager ( Justin) and he had people here within two days to finish the job. The contractors I had here to work on the last wall commented several times on how nice the siding job was. They even wanted their business card to use them in their siding jobs. Even the city inspector was very much impressed. They did a great job, and when they were finished, you couldn't tell they were ever here. The cleanup was that good. I had two very small issues and when I called Justin he was out the next day and took care of them. I would highly recommend this company. I just wish all the contractors that you do business with in your life could be this good. When you get one like this its hard not to brag on them. This company will be in business for a lone time. Thank you very much Pro!

    — Patrick G. in Rockwood, MI — 01/10/2018