Synthetic Underlayment

The Importance of Roofing Underlayment

Michigan weather can be brutal on your home’s roof. Which is why our Pro Grade shingles are made to withstand severe temperatures, fierce wind, torrential rainstorms, and blizzarding snow. To fully protect your home from the elements we use Pro Synthetic Underlayment.

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What is it?

Pro Synthetic Underlayment works to create a buffer between your roofs deck and the covering materials. This extra layer protects your roof’s deck from any moisture that manages to get under your shingles. Compared to traditional underlayments, like felt, our synthetic underlayment is lightweight and resistant to tearing and wrinkling. This material does not absorb moisture meaning that it is immune to fungal growth.

Why do I need it?

Even with the best roofing techniques and materials sometimes severe weather will find a way to get moisture underneath your shingles. Once that moisture comes into contact with your roofs deck, significant issues can begin to arise. Pro Synthetic Underlayment helps seal up your roofs deck before any shingles are installed, creating a water-resistant barrier and prolonging the life of your roof.

Where does it go?

We protect the first 6 feet of your roof’s deck with ice & water shield as well as the valleys, but we also cover every other inch of your deck with our underlayment. This creates a unified layer of protection for your home. It also works to protect your roof during installation in case any weather-related delays interrupt the process.

Trust The Roofing Experts At Pro

Pro is a gutter contractor with more than 16 years of experience with installing beautiful and affordable roof replacement on homes all over Michigan. We also feature an industry-leading warranty meaning you can rest assured knowing we guarantee all aspects of the install. We are based in Ferndale, but we regularly complete roofing projects in places like Detroit, Ann Arbor, West Bloomfield, Metamora, and even Flint!

Pro Home Improvement is dedicated to providing our customers with the best replacement roofs in Michigan. This is why we are sure to utilize synthetic underlayment on every project. If you would like more information on our roofing services or to schedule a roof estimate, call us today at 888-776-1998.

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