Why Michigan homes Need Ice And Water Shield

Michigan winters can really test the durability of your home’s roof. That is why we use Pro Grade asphalt shingles that are designed to hold-up against extreme cold and severe precipitation. When it comes to protecting your home winter weather we utilize Ice & Water Shield.

Why Michigan homes Need Ice And Water Shield

What is it?

Ice and water shield is a sheet of rubberized asphalt that strengthens the edges of your roof and makes them more durable to ice that can build up along these edges in the winter. Each sheet has a self-adhering back which works with the rubberized material to seal up nail penetrations in the deck. Without this extra layer of protection, each nail is a potential area for future leaks or deterioration.

Why do I need it?

Ice and water shield create a second layer of protection between your new shingles and the roof’s deck. This secondary layer resides beneath the shingles and works shed water and provide secondary weather protection for severe weather-related issues such as ice dams. Without ice & water shield, ice dams can hold water in place and allow it to damage your roof’s deck.

Where does it go?

In our commitment to providing the best roofing in Michigan, we have found that for ice & water shield to be most effective it should be installed on the first 6 feet roof next to all of the eaves. We also will install 3 feet of this material to reinforce your roof’s valleys, which are the more likely to experience excess water and ice. The rest of the roof is protected by our Pro Synthetic underlayment.

Using the best materials along with proven installation techniques is the best way to ensure that your roof lasts for decades. Make sure you choose a contractor that uses Ice and Water Shield on your project. If you would like more information on our ice & water shield, or to schedule a roof estimate, call Pro Home Improvement today at 888-776-1998.

What Our Roofing Customers Are Saying

  • There are MANY things about Pro Home Improvement, Inc. I would like to hi-lite: 1. Every aspect of the roofing project, from the salesman coming out and measuring the site and showing the products offered, to the work crew actually doing the tear-off and installation, to the office personnel, were EXTREMELY professional and friendly. 2. The cost of the project was very competitive compared to other companies, with very good materials offered. 3. The staff and work crew went well "beyond the call of duty" in their services and ensuring the finished product met ALL of my expectations. 4. The job took two days (due to rain...), so the work crew took extra measures to ensure the home was protected from the rain when they left the job site on that first day. All of my property was kept dry. 5. When the work crew finished the job, they ensured they cleaned up the area prior to leaving the work site. There is absolutely NOTHING that did not meet and/or exceed my expectations from start to finish. I would recommend Pro Home Improvement, Inc. to anyone looking for professional, competitive, and friendly home remodel/repair jobs.

    — Gilbert H in Monroe, MI