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Flat Roof Replacement

When it comes to flat roof replacement there are special materials and install methods that must be used in order to keep your roof from failing. Your home’s roof is built to keep the structure of your home safe. This is why they come in many shapes, styles, and slopes. Most roofs have a slope that is steep enough that it does not let rain pool in one spot. The pitch lets the water run off the roof so it does not damage the deck. But, you may find that some parts of your roof do not have enough of a slope – this is called flat or low slope roofing.

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What is special about flat roof replacement?

A roof with a slight pitch (not more than 18° or less than or equal to 3:12) falls under the low slope category. Since the slope is not steep enough to shed water standard shingles will not keep the deck dry. A flat roof system will use a waterproof membrane. The membrane is a sheet-like material, which shields the roof from leaks. Although there are different types of systems, built-up, single-ply, and torch-down are used the most.

How does the install differ from a standard roof?

The materials and install method used change based on how low of a slope each part of your roof has. Where an asphalt roof will use shingles a flat roof will use a thick rubber-like base. The two systems offered by Pro are Flintlastic and EPDM.

Self adhering flat roof system


Self-adhering roofs use a formula of polymers and resins that make a product that sticks to the roof as it is heated. The heat that you need to install this product will range from 45°F – 50°F. One nice thing about this style is that it can be colored to match the parts of your roof that use shingles.


A roof surface with a pitch of 10° or less will need an EPDM system. The crew will place an adhesive to the roof deck with the help of rollers. This will help hold the thick sheets of EPDM to the deck as they are flattened out and any air that is trapped can be pressed out. Once the primary sheets have been applied then any seams will be sealed up with liquid rubber and another strip of EPDM.

EPDM flat roof system

Why choose a flat roof system from Pro?

Our roof systems have grown to be quite popular with our clients. For one, it does not need the use of hot asphalt and there are no fumes. The install is quite fast and clean, as the gear required is minimal. Also, the product is safe for the environment. On top of that, the long life adds to the list, giving you great value for money.

Do you offer flat roof services near me?

Pro offers flat roof systems to homeowners all over the Metro Detroit area. We are based in Ferndale, but we regularly complete roofing projects in places like Detroit, Ann Arbor, West Bloomfield, Metamora, and even Flint!

To learn more about our asphalt roof services call us at 888-PRO-1998 (888-776-1998). You can also schedule a Free No-Pressure Roof Estimate today!

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