Why Denim Insulation?

Why Denim Insulation?

When you choose to insulate your home’s attic, there are a lot of options to choose from. A great choice for those that are environmentally conscious is denim insulation. This is insulant can be used in place of fiberglass. It can be found as ready to cut batt insulation. And it is can also be found as loose fill for blown in.

What is it?

Denim is made with up to 85% recycled products from denim producers. We repurpose waste meant for a landfill. Since most of it is cotton the insulant is recyclable if you ever decide to replace it. Denim needs much less energy to make compared to fiberglass. You can count on a quieter home too! The acoustic rating for denim is 30% higher than other insulants. We use non-toxic treatments to keep it safe from mold, mildew, fire, and pests. Denim also contains no harsh or carcinogenic compounds, so it keeps your indoor air quality free of contaminants.

How Does it Work?

Denim insulants limit the movement of thermal energy in and out of your home. In the cold months, it will keep the warmth your furnace produces from escaping. In the warmer months, it will keep your AC from running continuously by limiting the amount of warm air entering your home. Denim insulation generally as an R-value of 3-4 per inch of insulant installed.

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Small ProjectInsulation

Project cost$2,000

Term Length5 years

Daily cost$1.11

Medium ProjectInsulation

Project cost$4,000

Term Length7 years

Daily cost$1.64

Large ProjectInsulation

Project cost$6,000

Term Length10 years

Daily cost$1.73

XL ProjectMultiple Products

Project cost$18,000

Term Length12 years

Daily cost$4.31

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What Should I Expect During Installation?

This product is available in two styles. This means the installation method will change depending on which form you use. With loose fill, the insulant will be sent through a hose to your attic where it will be blown on to the floor until the desired depth is reached. With batt, our crews will cut the product to size and layer the strips on top of each other.

Do you install denim insulation near me?

Pro Home Improvement’s offices are near the border of Ferndale and Detroit, MI. We regularly install denim insulation for residents all over Metro Detroit. From Ann Arbor all the way up to Flint, we have proven ourselves as the best local insulation contractors. We provide free inspections prior to all estimates and include yearly attic inspections on all finished projects.

When you are ready to discover the many benefits of our Pro Grade Insulation, please call us at 888-PRO-1998 (888-776-1998) or get a FREE no-pressure insulation estimate.

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