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Winter Blues? Insulate Your Attic!

summer insulation pays for itself

A big source of heat and energy loss for many homes is the attic. Proper ventilation, as well as the type and amount of insulation used, can have a big impact on how comfortable your home stays during the winter months.

Insulating is something that will pay for itself many times over through reduced energy bills and increased comfort in your home. Can you afford something that will be free?

How should I insulate?

If you have done the prep work, most types of insulation will work perfectly well. We recommend Pro Grade Stabilized Cellulose for most attic insulation applications because it stands the test of time, is a green option, and it will save you a ton of money on your utility bills. There are key differences between the various types of insulation, but prep work and hiring qualified installers is key.

The main differences between products are price, R-value per inch of thickness and convenience of use. These can be significant differences and you have to determine what works best for your own home.

Ventilation Reminder

Make sure your ventilation paths have been clearly laid out. You need to make sure there will be an inlet and an outlet for airflow in your attic. The inlet and outlet also need to be sized to match each other so there is no shortage of airflow. Keeping your attic sealed from the living space, but well-ventilated to the outside are the keys to ensuring your attic, roof and house structure remain mold-free and strong for years to come.

The Day of Insulation

On the day of installation, the Pro Home team will arrive with all of the specialized insulation blowing equipment and all of the insulation needed to completely fill your attic. Packages of the Stabilized Cellulose are fed into the hopper. A chain-driven auger breaks up the chunks so it can flow freely up to your attic. The cellulose receives a light mist to reduce dust and activates the stabilizing ingredients. Finally, the hose transports the Pro Grade Stabilized Cellulose up into the attic.

Inside the Attic

Pro Home Improvement installs 10 inches of Pro Grade Stabilized Cellulose to create a nice, thick blanket that covers the base of the attic in addition to all of the ventilation baffles that are needed to ensure excellent ventilation.

Once the cellulose is installed, it will not settle or move for 25 years, providing excellent value and performance you can rely on.

Get an Estimate

If you’d like to see what it would cost, and what it will save you over the long-term, get ahold of our team today and we’ll put a customized plan together for you. Call our office at 888-776-1998 or schedule a FREE no-pressure attic insulation estimate.