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Looking Back on 2015

Repairing Oscar's Roof

Here at Pro Home Improvement, we like to take some time to reflect on how our year has gone before we look ahead to next year. Last year, we set goals for 2015 to help our community and to grow our business and we have made some great strides in these goals. Today, we’d like to highlight and remember some of our favorite memories from 2015.

A Roof For Uncle Oscar

We received a note from Faatima in February of this year regarding the heartbreaking story of her mentally disabled uncle Oscar. Oscar had his roof cave in on him under the weight of a storm in late 2014 and had no means to get his house and his life back. Oscar’s niece, Faatima, took it upon herself to reach out for help. This story struck a chord with Tim and his team at Pro Home Improvement and they decided to step up and help Oscar out for no charge, completing his roof in March of this year. Pro Home Improvement saw a need and they took the lead!

Eric’s Tree House Miracle

We had the fantastic opportunity to make a young man’s wish come true by building him the ultimate tree house! Eric suffers from a myriad of health issues and just wanted somewhere to call his own, his own space where he could collect his thoughts and feel safe. We grabbed this wish and knocked it out of the park with one of the best tree houses Michigan has ever seen! Our team felt like we gained Eric as a new family member during the construction process and we would do it all over again just to see the smile on Eric’s face! For more information on Eric’s and the charity he and his family started, please visit http://www.guidedstepscharity.org.

Our New, Expanded Location

Our old location at 2115 Hilton Road in Ferndale was the perfect location for us as a smaller company, but the 1200 square feet was feeling a bit tight as we grew our operations and was downright stifling as we added more team members. We also wanted to have a direct connection with our supplier, Allied Building Materials, so when the opportunity came up in 2015, we had to jump on it!

The opportunity to lease a portion of the building which is attached to Allied is a perfect match because we have quick access to our inventory and can continue to foster our great relationship with them. Now we have over 4000 square feet where our 50 team members can work together and have the benefit of seeing our inventory inside our building as well. The move has been a blessing to our business and there’s nowhere to go from here but up!

Pro Advice and Website Improvements

We saw a need in the community for a consistent, thought-provoking home improvement advice articles which is why we launched Pro Advice. We post information articles that seek to serve homeowners with maintenance reminders, how-to guides and also how things work. These articles serve no other purpose but to demonstrate key concepts and fill a need for consistent, reliable information about owning and maintaining a home in Michigan.

We also revamped our website, so it would be easier to navigate, more mobile-friendly and a great place to easily find more information. Since our website is essential to our online identity, we decided it was a worthwhile investment so we can continue to serve our community and our community can find us when needed.

2015 was a great year at Pro Home Improvement and we are looking forward to great things in 2016. Next week, we’ll be highlighting some of the goals we are looking to achieve as a business and as a community partner, especially since we want to continue to be the experts you seek when needing help around your home. Have a safe, blessed holiday season and Merry Christmas.