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Looking Ahead to 2016

2016 new year

We at Pro Home Improvement hope you and your family are having a great holiday season and enjoyed your Christmas. We are finally going to experience some colder weather, it seems, and hope you are ready for it!

Before we begin a new year, we always like to look back on our progress in the last year and then look ahead to see what our new goals should be for the coming year.

Last week, we looked back on some of our fondest memories of the last year. This week, we’d like to look ahead and plan out the 5 big goals for the coming year to ensure we have the best 2016 we can have at Pro Home Improvement.

  1. Convert to Green, Paperless Process
    Pro Home Improvement has a goal to be a great steward of our precious natural resources, as is evident in our roofing, insulation and siding material selection. We’d like our internal business operations to reflect the sustainable goal we have as a business. For this reason, we are setting a goal for this year to convert to a paperless process. We are going to convert our estimation and other business activities in the office to reduce paper consumption by over 99%.
  2. Satisfy Thousands of Michigan Families
    In 2015, Pro Home Improvement completed over 1,300 projects. If there were roughly 250 working days in 2015, that equates to over 5 completed projects per day! That is a lot of improved homes! But, we aren’t satisfied with that. In 2016, we would like to beat that number substantially. We realized that our company’s value is best realized when we can serve as many families as possible, which is why we are shooting much higher this year.
  3. Continue to Give Back
    2015 saw many opportunities to give back to our local community, from the roof for Uncle Oscar to Eric’s Treehouse. Since giving back is one of the fulfilling activities possible, we are planning to continue and even increase our work with charities. This spring we will work with Make-a-Wish of Michigan to make another wish come true for a child in need. We love to be in the position to help and will seek our opportunities to give back whenever possible.
  4. Facilitate Another Location
    With our new location in Ferndale and expansion into Northville, we have the chance to serve dozens of Michigan zip codes with our professional service. But, our long-term goal is to continue our growth across the state. We don’t have firm plans for the public yet, but we are seeking out another location in order to be positioned to serve as much of Michigan as possible.
  5. Continue and Expand Pro Advice
    In 2015, we stepped out our program to provide quality, professional home improvement advice as a service to you, our community. In 2016, our goal is to maintain what we’ve built and to continue giving away as much useful homeowner-focused information as possible. Pro Advice covers every topic that could be of interest to homeowners. Let us know if you think of a topic that would be interesting, otherwise, keep an eye out for future articles to be posted weekly!
  6. We here at Pro Home Improvement have had a great 2015 and we are excited about 2016 with all of the plans we’ve laid out. We’d love for you to join us in writing your own 2016 goals and letting us know what they are so we can keep each other accountable. We hope you have a great New Year and we’ll see you in 2016!