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Looking Back on 2016

Looking back on 2016

Here at Pro Home Improvement, we have had a fantastic year. We settled into our new location, continued our Pro Advice, added windows to our portfolio of services and completed over 1,600 projects with happy customers. We have high hopes for the continued success of our business in 2017, but first, we’d like to look back on a few of the most useful articles we posted in the past 12 months.

Things to Remember

Being a home improvement company, we come across many problems and dangers that can occur in your home. Now they may not be particularly relevant to our services, but we like to help homeowners in whatever way we can. We discussed the danger of snow accumulation on roofs, the best way to stay safe when cleaning gutters, as well as the danger of fly-by-night roofing companies that can rip you off. Two additional dangers we wanted to remind you of over the past year is the danger of radon as well as chimneys – both are hidden dangers that most homeowners never consider.

Ways to Save Money

We come across many tips, tricks and tools that you can use to reduce your project cost and also your energy bills throughout the year. As they come up, we try and write them up for you so you can benefit from them as well. We discussed the DTE Energy App that alerts you to high usage, gives you energy-savings tips and helps you set an energy budget for your electricity and gas. We also discussed our lucrative referral program that helps our clients make a little bit of cash when referring a friend or family member. Finally, our attic insulation has a huge impact when it comes to reducing energy bills. Check back through our archives for even more!


On top of the dangers we highlighted and the ways to save money, we also wrote about many checklists or things to do before a season turns over. These can be referred back to throughout the year, every year. We highlighted 10 tips to consider before your next roofing project, spring cleaning tips, the ultimate summer maintenance checklist, 7 home maintenance tips for fall, and the 10 best ways to winterize your home on a budget

Service to Others

As you know, Flint has been hit hard this year with lead exposure that is still not fully resolved and will have lasting implications in that area for a long time. We decided to do what we could back in February, shipping 3 pallets of bottled water, over 5,700 bottles, up to Flint. We called on you to consider helping Flint with their situation as well, and you can continue to do so now before the year ends. It comes with a great tax benefit! Consider donating here: United Way Flint Water Fund.

Our Hope for You

We hope your 2016 has been fantastic and do hope your holiday season has been spent relaxing and enjoying family and friends. We have so much to be thankful for at Pro Home Improvement. We hope to continue to be the experts you seek when you need help around your home throughout 2017. Have a safe, blessed holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!