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Siding makes your home impenetrable

Siding in Michigan

The outside of your home faces an never ending bombardment of threats from the heat, the sun, strong winds, not to mention insects and critters, just like your roof. But, like your roof, that doesn’t mean it can’t look beautiful for many, many decades after installation. Vinyl siding is the modern answer to all of the perils that face the exterior of your home, acting as a cloak of protection from virtually anything that comes up against it.

Vinyl has a bad reputation

Vinyl siding had a bad reputation for many years because of the old technology that could not stand up to the pressure. Modern vinyl siding has been engineered to withstand a host of issues and to look good while doing it. It’s not your grandfather’s siding.

Vinyl siding will always stick out, though, right?

Vinyl siding can be made to come in any shade, color or texture you desire. It’s perfect for new construction or to put onto a vintage home with a specific look in mind. It goes everywhere and looks like it has always belonged.

What about maintenance?

Of any home exteriors, vinyl siding has the lowest maintenance requirement. It does not need painting, caulking, tuckpointing, reapplication, staining or sealing. The only maintenance possibly needed would be to remove dirt or grime build up on an infrequent basis. Depending on your home’s orientation to the sun and how flowerbeds are arranged nearby, rain may splash dirt onto your siding. Also, winds may carry debris from plants or nearby construction to build up. Either way, it will be nothing a damp cloth won’t remove easily.

Siding makes you home impenetrable

Vinyl siding fades, right?

Vinyl siding is virtually colorfast, meaning it won’t fade in the sun as much as other exterior systems. After 20+ years in direct sunlight, there will be a slight, but almost unnoticeable change in color.

Rotting or insects?

Vinyl siding will never rot. It is chemically composed to maintain its shape for hundreds of years. Also, the typical installation for vinyl siding prevents any gaps where insects can infiltrate, making your home exterior insect-free.

The wind rips vinyl siding right off, I heard.

The Pro Grade Siding that we install is capable of sustaining 240 mile-per-hour winds, which is basically a tornado. Now if you experience a tornado, at that point, you would probably be eligible for home repairs via your home insurance plan. You would be safe against anything up to a tornado due to the excellent material design and installation of your siding.

Vinyl siding is perfect for your home project due to the curb appeal improvement, home protection, energy efficiency and low cost of installation. Pro Home Improvement guarantees your satisfaction on every project, so consider contacting the Pros at 888-776-1998 to get your home upgrade started, space on the calendar this summer is filling up fast!