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Repair Loose Window Frames

Repairing a window frame

A loose window frame is not only an annoyance but it’s an energy and security concern as well. Loose frames can rattle on rainy, windy days or shake if a door is slammed too hard which could even cause the window pane to break. Loose frames could lead to someone easily being able to open them or cause air leaks to occur, leaving your home too hot in the summer or cold in the winter.

The good news is that there are two ways to quickly and easily repair your loose window frames.

Repair With Weatherstripping

The first step to repairing loose window frames is installing weatherstripping. Weatherstripping seals air leaks around windows and doors to restrict airflow and reduce energy costs. In order to determine how much you’ll need, measure the perimeter of your window and then add 5-10% more to factor in any waste.

Weatherstripping is available at any hardware or supercenter. The easiest type to install is peel-and-stick and is also extremely affordable.

Simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Clean your windows using a damp rag and let it dry completely. This ensures that the weatherstripping will adhere and stick to your window without falling off.

Step 2: After measuring your window, cut the weatherstripping to the length that you require. You’ll need strips for each side of the inner and outer sash, the top and bottom of the inner sash, and the top of the outer sash.

Step 3: Raise the inner sash and peel away the weatherstripping piece that you cut except for one inch at the top. Press the strip into place and do the same on the opposite side, then close the window. Now take the backing from the top of the weatherstrip piece and press it into place.

Step 4: Lower the outer sash and install the weatherstripping exactly as you did along the inner sash. Raise the inner sash and apply the weatherstripping along the bottom, then lower the outer sash and install along the top.

Step 5: Lower the outer sash as low as it can go and then clean it once more before applying a final strip.

Window Frame Repair Weatherstripping

Repair With Caulk

You can also repair loose and rattling window frames by caulking them. Caulk is a flexible material that will allow your windows to move and function normally without loosening. When window panes rattle constantly, it’s a sign that it’s missing caulk and needs to be secured into place.

Follow these easy steps to caulk your windows:

Step 1: Remove any old or peeling caulk from the window frame. If you notice any damaged or rotten wood, it should be repaired before applying caulk. The window should be thoroughly cleaned as well.

Step 2: Use an acrylic based window caulk and take a caulking tool or putty knife along the edge of the frame to push the caulk into the cracks. Acrylic based caulk is great for windows, doors, and trim because it’s easy to use and provides a neat and clean seal. If you are concerned about water intruding, we recommend a silicone based caulk instead.

Step 3: Clean and wipe away any excess caulk with a damp rag dipped in water or vinegar. Let the caulk dry around the window for at least eight hours before opening or closing it.

Window Frame Repair Caulk

Need Advice on a Home Repair?

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