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Pro recognized as a top 1% roofing contractor

Pro Home's certainteed certifications

Pro Home Improvement is honored to be in such rare company. We were recently appointed to the CertainTeed Roofer’s Advisory Council.

How rare is this?

Less than 50 roofing companies in North America are selected each year, out of the thousands of possible choices – putting us among the top 1% of roofing companies in North America.

What is the Roofer’s Advisory Council?

The RAC is a select group of roofing companies, identified and included by invitation only. It is setup so that the best of the best can meet and discuss issues within their market and help each other succeed. They can also give feedback to CertainTeed on their products and request support directly from them, the manufacturer.

Pro Home Improvement was also requested to attend the Contractor’s EDGE meetings as a special recognition.

CertainTeed Roofer's Advisory Council Membership Certificate
Pro Home has been selected to be a member of the CertainTeed Roofer’s Advisory Council.

What is Contractor’s Edge?

Contractor’s Edge is another invite-only forum for company leaders to meet with other leaders and the manufacturer. It also recognizes that the invited company has fulfilled the continuing education program of CertainTeed.

How does this benefit me?

Pro Home Improvement’s inclusion in this select group assures you that they are tapping into a foundation of knowledge, support and educational resources that help elevate the professionalism of the roofing industry. This advances Pro’s mission of helping our community improve their homes in affordable and accessible methods.

Just knowing that Pro was invited indicates that their level of professionalism in this industry has been recognized and they are among the top roofing companies in the country.

What is next for Pro Home Improvement?

We are busy in the thick of the construction season, but we are striving to serve an ever-greater number of homes in the greater Detroit area and become a household name in Michigan when it comes to improving the look and value of your home at an affordable price.