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Now Hiring Experienced Roofing and Siding installers

Pro Now Hiring

The Best is Seeking the Best in 2018

Pro Home Improvement prides itself on our high attention to detail and premium customer service that we provide, but that doesn’t just happen by magic. It comes from the heart of our company, our installers and we are looking for more installers to keep up with the increased demand.

Our project load keeps growing year-by-year due to our great reputation and we need to expand our crews. If you or somebody you know is looking for roofing and siding work, and if you qualify, you could get a $1,000 cash signing bonus! Who couldn’t use a great job and $1,000 cash in their pocket?

The work isn’t easy, but it is rewarding. Seeing a job through to completion and seeing the customers’ happy faces is the best reward in addition to the fantastic pay and benefits you receive as a valued employee of Pro Home Improvement. Working for Pro means you will have the best project managers, the best materials & tools, the best office staff, and the best reputation in the Michigan area. Why would you want to work anywhere else?

Pro isn’t like anybody else in the marketplace today. We are driven by the lives we affect when we are asked to work on a house. We give back to our community because we have been blessed – just look at our Make-A-Wish page, or read about Eric’s custom treehouse. We even get awesome opportunities to go above and beyond by doing out-of-the-ordinary house projects like Larry’s house in Detroit among so many others. If you would like to be a part of a group that loves to give back to the community and support those that need it most, consider a team member position at Pro Home Improvement. We love to help.

Call our office today to get your name on the list for interviews by dialing 248-556-5839 today.

Now hiring roofing and siding installers.