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Make-A-Wish March 2019

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One of the yearly highlights at Pro Home Improvement is our participation in as many wishes through Make-A-Wish as possible. In years past, we’ve helped with wishes to go to Disney World, built a dream treehouse for Eric, and many others. It is truly the best part of our work, getting to give back as much as we can to children with life-threatening medical conditions. That is why we set aside the entire month of March, every year, to focus all of our efforts on raising money for them.

Every March, we set aside $100-$200 from every project we are a part of, to get to our $5,000 goal. This money is used in total, towards making wishes come true for these kids. It is really special to see the reactions in their eyes when you can help make their wish a reality.

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Eric, who suffers from Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EOE) among other life-threatening conditions, was thrilled to help plan and dream about the treehouse options. Pro Home Improvement is not in the business of building treehouses for most customers, but with some effort and planning, managed to build one of the most impressive treehouses in Michigan. Eric now has a special place to call his own when he needs some respite.

Finding and supporting these children is the least Pro Home Improvement can do to give back. Life-threatening conditions in children can be a great burden, something the children never expected to shoulder so early in their lives. Families are not ready to bear the financial aspect of the condition and a trip or major project is not something that is feasible for them. That is why Make-A-Wish does what it does. It allows families to prioritize the things that get left behind when a child gets a serious diagnosis – the fun stuff.

Consider hiring Pro Home Improvement for your work this spring and you’ll be supporting a worthy cause. You’ll be supporting children that need relief and need something new and exciting to focus on while they go through some of the toughest times of their lives. Join Pro Home Improvement in their quest to make a child’s dreams come true in 2019!