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7 Reasons to Insulate Before Winter Strikes

Don't wait until it is too late to insulate your home

It always catches us off-guard, but it shouldn’t. The harsh, cold weather is coming and there’s not a lot you can do about it besides save up your Netflix queue and make sure your snow shovel is nearby.

There is one thing you can do to ensure your floors and walls stay toasty warm during those long, snowstorms that are sure to pummel Michigan. You can insulate.

Why now?

There are many reasons:

1. Get the jump on it.

When it finally turns cold and your furnace can’t keep up, the companies you might call will be busy and you’ll have to wait. Don’t fall victim to the long lines and get it done now while there’s still time.

2. Your energy bill will thank you.

And not just during the winter. Your energy bills will fall for every season. Insulation helps retain cold air in the summer and warm air in the winter, meaning your furnace and A/C can cycle on less often, letting the insulation do it’s job. Great insulation also means your furnace and A/C don’t have to come on until much later, saving you real money.

3. Cold floors are the worst.

We all can agree getting out of bed only to touch a cold floor makes getting up that much harder in the winter. Nobody wants a cold floor. You can insulate your crawl space with closed-cell spray foam so that you have absolutely no temperature difference between the air and your floor. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.
Insulate your home, winter is coming

4. Winter drafts make rooms unusable.

Drafts can be caused by actual holes where air is just blowing in from the outside, or they can be caused by poor insulation without holes at all. Cold air can buildup along a poorly insulated wall leading this air to fall quickly. Air must rush in to replace it and this causes what feels like air movement from the outside when it’s really just a symptom of poor insulation. Insulating your walls with spray foam eliminates this issue, making every room feel like an interior space.

5. Snow makes everything more difficult.

If you wait until winter has arrived, snow on the driveway, sidewalk, roof and yard make all of the insulation work more difficult. This can lead to increased labor estimates and longer delays in getting the work done. It’s the same with any construction you might do, the winter weather can add a noticeable markup.

6. Protection against freezing pipes and flooding.

The record low temperatures and snow depths in the last few winters have caused millions of dollars in damage due to frozen & burst pipes which lead to flooding. Many homeowners rely on their furnace to keep their house warm, but what if the furnace shuts down while you’re away for the weekend? What if your furnace is not keeping one corner of your house above freezing? All it takes is one spot during one cold snap to bust open the floodgates and fill your basement with water. Basement floods are no fun, but they are especially terrible during the worst part of winter.

7. Everybody is busy during the holidays.

Just thinking about how many family and work events are scheduled in the month of December gives me a sense of dread. Don’t get me wrong, I love the holiday season and seeing my family, but I realize there is no chance for downtime or extra projects over the holidays. Getting some insulation work done now helps you avoid that productivity gap in the dead of winter.

Keep your home cozy in the winter months by getting insulation today!
Keep your home cozy in the winter months by getting insulation today!

If you want to get the jump on this winter, give the Pros a call at 888-776-1998 and we’ll get you started keeping your home toasty ,comfortable and dry over the holidays.