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A few weeks ago, my house took a beating due to severe storm damage. I contacted 3 private contractors, as well as the company my insurance agent sent out. The estimates I received for the work were all over the place, and it was suggested that I might need a lot of additional work that I hadn’t planned on. Finally, I contacted PRO Home Improvement. My salesman Tim O. was very thorough and helpful with his explanation of what I (really) needed and how quickly it could be done. I received a call the day before from my project manager Keith who informed me that he would also be by the following morning and check on things for me. The crew showed up on time, (with Keith getting here before the rest of the team arrived) and the work was beautiful. They made some suggestions to changing the position of the new downspouts that I hadn’t considered previously, and my home looks beautiful. What an absolute wonderful group of people to work with. I will be referring them to my friends and having them do additional work for me in the upcoming years. AWESOME!