How To Conduct An Attic Insulation Inspection

The average homeowner does not think about the state of their insulation. Either it was done before they bought the house or they did a ‘once over’ after the move in. However, most of the common complaints people have about their homes can be traced to their insulation. Either there is not enough or improper installation have left it ineffective. The state of the insulation in your attic can have a big impact on your home’s internal climate and the amount you pay in utility bills. This is why experts suggest a regular attic insulation inspection.

How To Conduct An Attic Insulation Inspection

What Will I Learn From Inspecting My Attic Insulation?

With a full inspection of your attic’s insulation, you can learn a lot about your home. You will not just figure out if you need new insulation, but get a clear picture of what state your roof is in. When done by an expert you can learn things like:

  • Were there any mistakes made during installation?
  • Is there a leak in my roof?
  • Has the insulation shifted or settled?
  • Was the proper type of insulation used?
  • What is the true age of the insulation compared with its life expectancy?

What Is Involved In An Attic Insulation Inspection?

A true inspection will include all aspects of your attic and its structure. It should be carried out in 3 steps:

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#1 – Checking the levels

The contractor will take a look at the per inch R-value of the current insulation you have. Then they will do some calculation about the amount and placement of this insulation to determine if you have enough insulant to meet the recommended levels for Michigan homes. According to EnergyStar attics in Michigan should have between R50 & R60.

Checking levels of attic insulation

#2 – Looking for gaps in coverage

Not all insulants are created equal. If batt insulation is present it is common for there to be gaps in the corners and in spots with electrical wiring. Though less common, gaps can also occur with loose fill and spray foam. A full inspection will help to identify these areas.

Checking for gaps in insulation

#3 – Check the insulation

You may have enough insulation and full coverage but what if there are other issues? The contractor will check under and around the insulation for wet spots which can indicate roof leaks. This is also when they may find evidence of pests that have found a home in the insulating materials.

Checking under insulation

Choose The Insulation Experts At Pro Home Improvement

It may seem simple enough to check on the health of your own attic. But, some signs are easy to miss, and a trained eye is sure to catch. At Pro, we have over 14 years of experience with inspecting and installing insulation. We can get it done swiftly and in a manner that makes sure nothing is overlooked. If you have had insulation installed by us in the past you can request a free yearly attic insulation inspection by contacting us today at 888-PRO-1998 (888-776-1998). You can also receive a free insulation inspection when you schedule a FREE no-pressure insulation estimate!

What Our Insulation Customers Are Saying

  • I was amazed at the professional workmanship and courtesy of the pro team; Gary did a great job supervising as did joe! kyle the team leader with his 3 team members worked very hard to install the injection foam insulation on my older home made harder because of the aluminum siding. they worked very hard removing the siding as it was applied with steel brads instead of nails. these young people really showed me something with their approach to the problem and solving it without distorting the siding ( not and easy task)! I am so happy I have told the friends in the sub they should consider pro home improvement and forget the rest for their future needs. I plan on having them replace the 40 yr old shutters on my house also asap!! thank again for a superior job on a difficult project!

    — James H in Hamburg Township, MI

  • We were very pleased with the work and the employees were very professional and did a great job! They were done with the insulation, in our attic, in no time, and took pictures, for us to view, once they were done, since neither my husband nor I could get up there to check it out. It really was a Great job! We plan to have them back out, in the future, for other jobs we need done around our home. Excellent experience!!!

    — Jackie F in Westland, MI