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Getting A Gutter Inspection

For the average homeowner, their gutter system’s health is not the first thing on their mind. That is until there is a heavy leak. It is recommended that you perform a gutter inspection twice per year, this is also how often gutters, without gutter protection, should be cleaned. In the fall before winter arrives and early spring before the rains roll in. This will allow you to spot small issues before they turn into bigger problems.

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What Will I Learn From Inspecting My Gutter System?

When you climb up to inspect your gutter system, you can learn a lot about your home. Not just the state of your gutters and gutter protection. You can check for weak spots in your roof lines, eaves, and drip edges. When done by an expert you can learn things like:

  • Were there any mistakes made during installation?
  • Is there a leak?
  • Have the gutters begun to pull away from the home?
  • Was a proper sealant used?
  • What is the true age of your gutters vs their life expectancy?

What Is Involved In A Gutter Inspection?

Phase #1 – Outer Inspection

From the ground, the inspector will conduct a visual inspection of your miters, endcaps, gutter runs, and downspouts. They will be looking for gaps, missing components, pulling away from the home, detached downspouts, and signs of leaks. Any points of concern will be inspected closer during the second phase

Phase #2 – Inner Inspection

Standard Gutters

Before a proper inspection of the inner gutter any debris present must be cleaned out. They will then use a hose to run water through the gutters to check for leaks and make sure the water flows freely through the downspout. The contractor will then check the health of any sealants used as well as fasteners and hangers to make sure they are not coming loose.

With Gutter Guards

The contractor will examine your gutter protection. They will be looking for any gaps due to improper installation, clogs from smaller debris or a pest that has made your gutters a home. If your gutter protection is in good health then your inner gutter system should be free of issues. However, a hose should be used to run water through the system to ensure there are no leaks in your gutters and no clogs in your downspouts.

Choose The Gutter Experts At Pro Home Improvement

Pro is a gutter contractor with more than 16 years of experience with installing beautiful and affordable gutters and gutter protection on homes all over Michigan. We regularly install our gutter systems for residents all over Metro Detroit. From Ann Arbor all the way up to Flint, we have proven ourselves as the best local gutter installers. We provide free gutter inspections prior to all estimates and a free yearly inspection on every project we complete.

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