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Pro Home Improvement will stop at nothing to bring a smile to our customer’s face. We are so proud that you invite us into the design process for your home. Kelly invited us to assist her with a few projects at her home in Berkley. The experts at Pro were able to help Kelly transform her home with new roofing, siding, gutters, windows, AND insulation.

Pro’s Reputation Speaks for Itself

Kelly found Pro online and was pleased with the comments and reviews that were there. Dozens of satisfied customers rave about how Pro helped them, so Kelly decided to give Pro a call. Kelly only had a roof in mind, but after Tim met with her to to discuss the options available, she decided to go even further than the roof.

Kelly selected the Pro Grade Roofing, Pro Grade Windows, Pro Grade Gutters and Pro Grade Siding as a package to completely overhaul the exterior of her home, all of which are guaranteed to last decades.

It’s All in the Design

Tim and Kelly worked together to make a stunning design. Kelly wanted to maintain the traditional look of the home. They selected a corn silk color for the siding along with white trim and soffit. They decided that a Weathered Wood shingle would match nicely alongside the corn silk siding and white trim.

Professional Installers are Key

Kelly commented that during installation, every worker was polite and friendly, which is uncommon in the world of home renovations. The workers were considerate of the area and even the neighbors, keeping waste collected and not allowing it to pile up or blow around. Kelly even requested a few minor changes during the installation that Pro was able to accommodate without any issue.

Transforming Homes, Transforming Lives

Kelly was very pleased with the final result – a completely overhauled exterior that was painless to design and construct. She is going to rest easy knowing that her home was sealed up tight by the best and that the warranties will last for a long time to come. The investment she made into her home has a fantastic return-on-investment if she ever decides to move, but we think she’ll stay to enjoy her new home!

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