Martin, Westland

This single-story house, located in Westland, Michigan, featured two types of exterior cladding, brick and wood siding. While the durability of the brick sections had kept their beautiful finish, the wooden siding had multiple areas of noticeable weathering, disrepair, and even some patched areas. One common issue with wood siding is hidden rot that can exist beneath this porous material, which is partly why wooden siding has fallen out of fashion in recent years and is often replaced with long-lasting and moisture-resistant vinyl siding. This is what brought the homeowner to Pro Home Improvement.

Protecting the landscaping and gutters

As with any project involving falling debris, the first thing our crew did when arriving on the day of installation was to ensure no damage would occur to the home’s surrounding landscaping. This was accomplished by placing tarps in critical areas to catch all of the material that fell as we removed the old siding. Since we would be adding trim and soffit with the siding, we also had to take care not to damage the gutters. This means that the crew would have to remove the gutters carefully and keep them protected to maintain their integrity. Once the siding installation was finished, the crew skillfully reinstalled the gutters while maintaining their functionality. Once finished, not even the most skilled eye could tell the gutters had been removed and reinstalled.

The Details

This project was a 9 sq/ft siding project under our Pro Grade package and featured our double 4″ inch siding panels. They also updated their exterior ventilation with our vented soffit. We inspected each area of the home’s exterior wall as we removed the older wooden siding, ensuring no weak areas or rot needed to be replaced, all part of our lifetime siding guarantee. The color they chose for their new siding and soffit was almond, as they wanted something similar to the previous shade. For the trim, the homeowner did opt to go for more of a contrasting color with pebble clay.

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