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Pro Home Improvement prides itself on working diligently to make our customers happy. Reducing our client’s energy bill and making them a home they love is our passion. Lisa came to us with a variety of problems and we jumped at the chance to serve. Pro was able to completely overhaul her Bloomfield Township home with new roofing, siding, gutters, windows, AND insulation.

Lisa’s Flat Roof Had to Go

Lisa came to us with a problem. She had an unused bedroom that would get hot in the summer and cold in the winter and it had a flat roof. She wanted this flat roof gone and wanted to open the space up a bit. Pro Home Improvement investigated and found a lot that needed to change in order to fulfill Lisa’s wishes.

Custom Framing & Roofing Solution

Pro Home Improvement found that they had to remove her flat roof, had to extend the rafters, add a soffit overhang and install several engineering lumber beams to support all of this new work. This was truly a job like none other!

Pro installed a new sloped roof into the existing roof line in order to make a seamless connection. They also put in a new wall and ceiling to allow for more light and spaciousness. Lisa’s spare bedroom was really coming together!

Everything but the kitchen sink

On top of the custom framing for the new wall, ceiling and sloped roof, Pro upgraded many other areas of Lisa’s home.

She wanted a drastic change from the outdated, damaged aluminum siding and trim. Pro hooked her up with the Pro Grade premium polymer siding and custom bent aluminum trim to give the house a new, fresh look and eliminate siding maintenance.

They installed a premium roofing intake and exhaust ventilation system, waterproof underlayments and high flowing foam baffles. These ventilation and underlayment upgrades help reduce energy costs and virtually eliminate any ice damming Lisa was experiencing before.

Lastly, the poorly performing gutters were upgraded with new Pro Flow seamless gutters. The downspouts were relocated and extensions added so water can disperse away from the foundation walls. This prevents basement flooding, foundation shifting and many other costly downfalls of poor water flow.

Finishing touches that made it pop

Lisa knew the kind of look she wanted. Pro worked with her to find warm green hues to make the white trim, soffit and gutters really pop. The black shutters were the final step to make her home look brand new again.

Old Bloomfield Township homes need custom improvement solutions

Lisa’s story is another example why there are no cookie-cutter solutions at Pro Home Improvement. Each client is treated individually with their own desires. They work tirelessly to satisfy every request and get your home to look great, last forever and cost you less money.

Lisa is happy with the result and loves the fresh new look on her home.

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