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At Pro Home Improvement, we love our customers. Our customers are the reason we exist and making them thrilled about how their home looks and improved efficiency is our company’s mission. Marylou is no exception. We were able to help her revitalize her Grosse Pointe home with new insulation, gutters, roofing, and siding.

Helping Marylou with Her Crawl Space Insulation

We first had the chance to meet Marylou at her Grosse Pointe home in 2011. She called us up with an issue with her crawl space – it was cold and drafty, leading to higher energy bills and chilly feet. We checked out her crawl space and found the best way to seal it up would be with Pro Home Improvement’s Pro Grade Spray Foam Insulation. This was the optimal solution, a closed-cell foam that expands to 100 times its original volume, which enables it to successfully seal all cracks and crevices. She endured the next few winters with warm floors and lower bills.

A Happy Customer Returns for New Gutters

She called us up again in 2015 to help her out with gutters and downspouts. We were thrilled to hear from Marylou again and we proposed our Pro Flow Gutter Protection System. The installation was completed for her before summer and she has had maintenance free gutters and downspouts ever since. The Pro Flow Gutter Protection system features a rubber-based insert that is angled at 45 degrees to provide gutter support and ensure the flow is always down and away from your house. She loves them!

Roofing and Siding Marylou’s Grosse Pointe Home

In 2016, she contacted us again with more work. This time, she was interested in a sloped roof replacement, trim and siding. The new roof, siding and trim have helped increase the value of her home with a great, refreshed look. An added benefit is that the materials help protect her home from the harsh weather and due to the new insulation that we installed behind her Pro Vinyl Siding we were able to increase the energy efficiency of Marylou’s home. Of course, we were more than happy to hear from her again and do an excellent job making her house look fantastic.

Fulfilling a Custom Request

With all of this work done, you’d think Marylou’s house was all set for the next 50 years, but she came up with a new request – something Pro Home Improvement doesn’t normally do, a brand new porch. Pro Home Improvement has and will continue to be focused on roofs, insulation, gutters and siding, but when a customer is special and loves our company’s work as much as we do, we try to go out of our way to help.

Our Vice President, Gary, designed the porch himself and submitted drawings to the Grosse Pointe building department for plan review. When we received approval, we were ecstatic. Once it was designed, two of our project managers took some time away from their regular assignments to focus on Marylou’s porch. It came out great! Marylou was thrilled and so were we. The Grosse Pointe Building inspector loved the structure and we received immediate approval when they came by to inspect it. We love going the extra mile and making our customers smile.

How Can We Make You as Happy As Marylou?

We have hundreds of past customers just like Marylou, calling us back for additional work and referring us to friends and family. It would be our pleasure to make you as happy as Marylou. If you’d like to get some improvement done to the exterior of your home, please call the Pros at Pro Home Improvement at 888-776-1998 or visit our simple appointment request page.

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