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Attic Fans: Good or Bad?

Attic fans: good or bad?

Attic fans were a popular item in homes built in mid-20th century. Builders believed that they helped to create a good airflow in your attic which would help keep it cooler and reduce the heat load on your home. Many of our homes today still have these fans installed. If you have one, should you […]

Summer Insulation Pays for Itself

Keep thermostats low while not breaking your budget.

We tend to think about insulation as something that keeps our house warm, saving energy in the winter by keeping heat in. But a majority of the savings you can get from insulation occurs during the summer! Yes, you read that right. The same mechanism that keeps heat in during the winter, also keeps heat […]

Low-Cost Lighting from Solar Tubes

Low cost lighting from solar tubes

Adding inexpensive lighting to your home may sound like a job for LED bulbs or some other new technology, but it can be much simpler and lead to lower electric bills – skylights. And I’m not talking about the skylights that are basically windows in your roof, I am talking about solar tubes. What is […]

Can New Siding Help with Energy Costs?

can new siding help with energy costs?

Installing new siding is a great aesthetic choice for your home, improving resale value and curb appeal. But, can it also affect how much energy your home uses in a significant way? New siding doesn’t necessarily pay for itself in terms of reduced energy costs, but it can make a dent. Also, when a homeowner […]

How your tax return can save you money

Average tax return

It’s January and you should be getting your W2’s back from your employers, which means it’s tax season once again. Yes, the annual reminder that a huge chunk of your paycheck is diverted into Uncle Sam’s pockets. But, it’s not all bad. Roughly 83% of all tax returns lead to a cash back into your […]

Why winterize your windows

Installing plastic window wrap

Windows are wonderful. They allow light in, give your home depth, provide a view of the outside and can change the feeling of a room from a dark, soulless cavern into a cheery space. The amount of windows you have can directly affect your home’s curb appeal and therefore, resale value. They are very important. […]

Are Bungalow Style Homes Energy Hogs?

Bungalow home Michigan

The Bungalow, Cape Cod-style home, or whatever you might call it is a staple of classic, older neighborhoods strewn across the US. They make use of the attic space, finishing it so it may be used as living space. This very popular style of home has some distinct advantages and disadvantages. One of the biggest […]

Drafts: How to detect, prevent and manage


Drafts make your home uncomfortable – you’ve felt the wind push through your windows or walls and felt a shiver dance up your spine. It’s uncomfortable and it costs you money. The EPA says that you can save 10% or more on your energy bills each year by properly sealing and insulating your home. But […]

This little app can save you real money

App screen shot

Your energy consumption is a major budget line item for your household and with the recent heat wave, you have probably felt the impact to your bottom line. Just being aware of your energy use is the first step to understanding how you can reduce your usage, but what feedback do you get besides your […]

Don’t Look in the Attic

tips insulation map

If you were around in the early 80’s, you may have encountered the relatively bad but entertaining movie called “Don’t Look in the Attic”. The movie follows all of the standard horror movie tropes, including a couple inheriting a haunted mansion, a house haunted by people who’ve died there and, also, being afraid of your […]